My Old Work on New Ideas

Before I focused in as a Futurist and Strategist, I advised any and all types of startups. This work still compels me. The excitement of the initial launch, the new idea becoming reality, building a team and raising your first round of investment or (preferably) generating and scaling real revenue - there’s no rush like it.

Example: Go-Station

Launch stage consulting and deliverables: web and mobile UI/UX, full deck, financials

Go-Station is the next-generation, universal charging solution for the future in Electric Vehicle transportation. The User Story was discovered and told before relevant features and functions for web and mobile apps were developed. A full pitch deck and financials development period followed to launch Go-Station into a full funding cycle and prototype testing with real charging units and connected apps in US beta locations.

Example: A Digital Deck, built for Castle Rock, the up and coming township of Colorado

I’m still open to this kind of dialogue, always up for a good chat on new ideas and energy to create the future from scratch.

FYI - My old site, old services: