And some other things I’ve done, from as close to a resume as I can get:

Writing and Research

  • Roadtrip Americana  (2017 and ongoing) - American microhistory project.  Freelance investigative journalism and interview series.
  • Nine Dots Prize participant (2016) - In-depth research and analysis project on “Are digital technologies making politics impossible?”  Paper available by request.
  • Future Sin (2017+) A futurist collective publication.  Editor and contributing writer.
  • Travels of Travis and Medium writer - philosophy, history, cultural/political/technology analysis.


2018 - 2017

Strategist and Consultant

  • - a tech consultancy, since 2013. Projects have included:
    • Futurist and Strategist for Descartes Labs, a leading geospatial AI platform company
    • Full-stack software, UI/UX to architecture and technical production
    • Product management and growth, MVP to mid-stage business development
    • Partnership and industry communication, content creation and strategy
  • Coronado Ventures Forum - a strategic education org focused on investment and entrepreneurship network.  Chair of the Board of Directors.

2016 - 2014

Startup Founder, Advisor, Interim Management - Bangkok/Hong Kong/USA

Uteeni - foundational data directory for SE Asia.  

  • Interim Operations Officer for multi-lingual team of 25.  
  • Developed “Harvester” data collection/verification software and outreach/training
  • Led full technical production from UI/UX to backend functions, consumer and enterprise

Bandojo - Music creation software for education and disability therapy

  • Initial CEO for team of Music and Mathematics PhDs, Apple alumni, education sales reps
  • App Store management, education and disability org outreach and beta testing

ComboTrip - Group travel platform

  • Coordinated team of 10 marketing staff and interns
  • Advised from business plan competition win to Expedia partnership negotiations

2014 - 2010

  • Operations:  Support and Sales Team from 1 to 40+ employees.  Product testing and development for niche industry applications.
  • Business Development:  Contracts with Kitchen Nightmares, Sysco, Verifone, Ingram Micro and Fortune 100 partnerships.  
  • Distribution: Reseller program creation, training, and structure, scaled to 82 countries  a international/domestic distributor network of 250+ companies
  • Strategy:  Led agreement negotiations, drafting, and analysis
  • Communications:  Led internal team meetings, drafted press releases and marketing content, campaign strategy.

2010 - 2007

Policy Analysis, Lobbyist, Campaign and Non-Profit Director

  • Albuquerque City Council, Martin Heinrich’s Policy Analyst
  • 48th and 49th New Mexico Legislative Sessions - House Liaison to the New Mexico Senate
  • Bernalilo County Commission District 1 - Campaign Manager
  • William Parnall for District Court - Campaign Manager
  • Tom Udall for Senate - Regional Director, Eastern New Mexico
  • ABQ Westside Chamber of Commerce - Founding Director

2007 - 2003

Campaign Staffer and Organizer - New Mexico

  • Martin Heinrich for Congress & Debbie O’Malley for City Council  
  • Operations and Supply Chain Manager – Serrano and Sons Construction Co
  • Dennis Kucinich for President ’03-’04 Campaign
  • Dan Serrano for State Representative Disrict 16
  • ‘Yes on 1 & 2’ New Mexico Education Reform Campaign   

Lastly, (and probably least) my “formal” Education

  • Camp Wellstone Graduate - 2008
  • MBA studies(partial) - Anderson School of Management 2006-073-2 Program, Operations and Marketing. 2006 Anderson Business Plan Competition.
  • BA, Political Science - University of Sheffield & University of New MexicoStudy Abroad recipient.  UNM Honors College graduate.  Graduated Spring 2006.