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Strategic Futurism for Descartes Labs

If Descartes Labs is creating a digital twin of the Earth, with Artificial Intelligence and huge data sets - it is my job as a Futurist to discover and prompt leadership on the larger trends facing humanity. What likely futures offer opportunity to model the physical world in new and industry-creating ways?

With their elite team of scientists, visionaries, and a powerful Data Refinery platform for testing and iterating models - the future is bright for the New Mexico-based, rapidly growing startup. Some of the smartest people I have ever met work here, and it is an honor to extract practical strategy and writing with them.

“He has the ability to make the tough decisions. I was stalled, blocked - we discovered solutions and set the strategy to execute them. I came in as “marginally operational” and left knowing the big obstacles to engagement in the market. We built customer confidence and set a plan for organic growth with a community marketplace, where users and designers are empowered to create their own products.”

-Mary Bonacci, President of Custom Cult, a creator of fully customized and physically-matched snowboards

"Travis reviewed our operations and identified new tools to give us a clear, efficient digital strategy.  Kellerman.biz designed a beautiful, modern, from-scratch website with crucial and powerful functions.   We took our major processes online and now have the ability to scale.  A+ work and ongoing support."
-Jewel Hall, Exec Director of Communications, Martin Luther King Multicultural Council

“Travis and I collaborated on pre-discovery and discovery sessions for app ideas that I was interested in pursuing.  The sessions were productive, managed exceptionally well, and allowed for both free-form and constrained concept generation. Travis was always well-prepared to guide the discussions and assisted in getting directly to the heart of the idea. The result was a clear plan regarding how to move forward with the best possible chance for success.”  

-Jim Foresi, What’s On the Menu - an upcoming app and service for home cooks in a hurry

Before I focused in as a Futurist and Strategist, I advised any and all types of startups. This work still compels me. The excitement of the initial launch, the new idea becoming reality, building a team and raising your first round of investment or (preferably) generating and scaling real revenue - there’s no rush like it.

Go-Station is the next-generation, universal charging solution for the future in Electric Vehicle transportation. The User Story was discovered and told before relevant features and functions for web and mobile apps were developed. A full pitch deck and financials development period followed to launch Go-Station into a full funding cycle and prototype testing with real charging units and connected apps in US beta locations.

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