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Strategic Futurism for Descartes Labs

If Descartes Labs is creating a digital twin of the Earth, with Artificial Intelligence and huge data sets - it is my job as a Futurist to discover and prompt leadership on the larger trends facing humanity. What likely futures offer opportunity to model the physical world in new and industry-creating ways?

With their elite team of scientists, visionaries, and a powerful Data Refinery platform for testing and iterating models - the future is bright for the New Mexico-based, rapidly growing startup. Some of the smartest people I have ever met work here, and it is an honor to extract practical strategy and writing with them.

My New Mexico Futurism in "Beyond the Bay: New Mexico Tech Rising" by Exponential Creativity Ventures

"That development certainly comports with Kellerman’s futuristic impulses, which involve “looking outside of the initial industry signals [and] looking at other things that affect humans and human tech,” according to him.

“He has the ability to make the tough decisions. I was stalled, blocked - we discovered solutions and set the strategy to execute them. I came in as “marginally operational” and left knowing the big obstacles to engagement in the market. We built customer confidence and set a plan for organic growth with a community marketplace, where users and designers are empowered to create their own products.”

-Mary Bonacci, President of Custom Cult, a creator of fully customized and physically-matched snowboards

"Travis reviewed our operations and identified new tools to give us a clear, efficient digital strategy.  Kellerman.biz designed a beautiful, modern, from-scratch website with crucial and powerful functions.   We took our major processes online and now have the ability to scale.  A+ work and ongoing support."
-Jewel Hall, Exec Director of Communications, Martin Luther King Multicultural Council

“Travis and I collaborated on pre-discovery and discovery sessions for app ideas that I was interested in pursuing.  The sessions were productive, managed exceptionally well, and allowed for both free-form and constrained concept generation. Travis was always well-prepared to guide the discussions and assisted in getting directly to the heart of the idea. The result was a clear plan regarding how to move forward with the best possible chance for success.”  

-Jim Foresi, What’s On the Menu - an upcoming app and service for home cooks in a hurry

Before I focused in as a Futurist and Strategist, I advised any and all types of startups. This work still compels me. The excitement of the initial launch, the new idea becoming reality, building a team and raising your first round of investment or (preferably) generating and scaling real revenue - there’s no rush like it.

Go-Station is the next-generation, universal charging solution for the future in Electric Vehicle transportation. The User Story was discovered and told before relevant features and functions for web and mobile apps were developed. A full pitch deck and financials development period followed to launch Go-Station into a full funding cycle and prototype testing with real charging units and connected apps in US beta locations.

Building Tech and New Economy

And some other things I’ve done, from as close to a resume as I can get:

  • Roadtrip Americana  (2017 and ongoing) - American microhistory project.  Freelance investigative journalism and interview series.
  • Nine Dots Prize participant (2016) - In-depth research and analysis project on “Are digital technologies making politics impossible?”  Paper available by request.
  • Future Sin (2017+) A futurist collective publication.  Editor and contributing writer.
  • Travels of Travis and Medium writer - philosophy, history, cultural/political/technology analysis.

2018 - 2017

  • Kellerman.io - a tech consultancy, since 2013. Projects have included:
    • Futurist and Strategist for Descartes Labs, a leading geospatial AI platform company
    • Full-stack software, UI/UX to architecture and technical production
    • Product management and growth, MVP to mid-stage business development
    • Partnership and industry communication, content creation and strategy
  • Coronado Ventures Forum - a strategic education org focused on investment and entrepreneurship network.  Chair of the Board of Directors.

2016 - 2014

Uteeni - foundational data directory for SE Asia.  

  • Interim Operations Officer for multi-lingual team of 25.  
  • Developed “Harvester” data collection/verification software and outreach/training
  • Led full technical production from UI/UX to backend functions, consumer and enterprise

Bandojo - Music creation software for education and disability therapy

  • Initial CEO for team of Music and Mathematics PhDs, Apple alumni, education sales reps
  • App Store management, education and disability org outreach and beta testing

ComboTrip - Group travel platform

  • Coordinated team of 10 marketing staff and interns
  • Advised from business plan competition win to Expedia partnership negotiations

2014 - 2010

  • Operations:  Support and Sales Team from 1 to 40+ employees.  Product testing and development for niche industry applications.
  • Business Development:  Contracts with Kitchen Nightmares, Sysco, Verifone, Ingram Micro and Fortune 100 partnerships.  
  • Distribution: Reseller program creation, training, and structure, scaled to 82 countries  a international/domestic distributor network of 250+ companies
  • Strategy:  Led agreement negotiations, drafting, and analysis
  • Communications:  Led internal team meetings, drafted press releases and marketing content, campaign strategy.

2010 - 2007

  • Albuquerque City Council, Martin Heinrich’s Policy Analyst
  • 48th and 49th New Mexico Legislative Sessions - House Liaison to the New Mexico Senate
  • Bernalilo County Commission District 1 - Campaign Manager
  • William Parnall for District Court - Campaign Manager
  • Tom Udall for Senate - Regional Director, Eastern New Mexico
  • ABQ Westside Chamber of Commerce - Founding Director

2007 - 2003

  • Martin Heinrich for Congress & Debbie O’Malley for City Council  
  • Operations and Supply Chain Manager – Serrano and Sons Construction Co
  • Dennis Kucinich for President ’03-’04 Campaign
  • Dan Serrano for State Representative Disrict 16
  • ‘Yes on 1 & 2’ New Mexico Education Reform Campaign   
  • Camp Wellstone Graduate - 2008
  • MBA studies(partial) - Anderson School of Management 2006-073-2 Program, Operations and Marketing. 2006 Anderson Business Plan Competition.
  • BA, Political Science - University of Sheffield & University of New MexicoStudy Abroad recipient.  UNM Honors College graduate.  Graduated Spring 2006.