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Quick, someone call the meteorologist that had her forecast interrupted by a Windows 10 nag screen! She's running out of time to get that upgrade done. Microsoft published a blog post today trumpeting the total number of Windows 10 installs so far.
It's a headline that is all too familiar these days. As the world of automation grows and workers are being replaced by robots in factories, farming, and even food service - the concern of what to do with this displaced workforce is becoming a leading topic among economists as well as world and business leaders.
As soon as LCD monitors became affordable I jumped at the chance to run multiple monitors connected to my PC. I have never looked back, starting with two displays, but soon moving to three. I now sit looking at three Dell 24-inch monitors all day. It's great.
Picture this: you start your computer and wait. And wait. And wait some more. When your desktop finally shows its face, things don't get any better. Your Internet is sluggish, your programs are taking forever to load, and your cursor is dragging 20 seconds behind your mouse.
As we've seen in other recent examples [ 1], [ 2],[ 3] Tech Support Scammers are using every trick in the malware authors book to get new "customers". Here is one that takes over the victims' Windows system after a reboot by using the Winlogon-Shell registry value.
While the majority of communication these days is digital, one's signature remains an integral part of many contractual, legal and financial documents, and without it progress can come to a halt. For years the solution was to print out a document, sign it and either fax it back or scan it and email it back.
I often read ebooks on my iPhone while I walk, but being glued to my screen is a good way to get run over or cursed at. To save my physical and social hide, I use this trick to get my iPhone to read ebooks and articles out loud, turning my whole text library into de facto audiobooks.
At their annual I/O event, Google introduced their latest app to the public: Allo. The messaging app is the company's latest and most powerful entry into the expanding world of similar apps, with one twist-the inclusion of artificial intelligence. Allo by Google.
Using a fingerprint scanner to keep intruders out of your phone might not be as secure as you think. Two researchers from Michigan State University, Kai Cao and Anil K. Jain, developed a relatively cheap and effective way to beat fingerprint readers, and successfully tested their method on a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Huawei Honor 7.
You find and update all of your apps using the iOS App Store, and if you have updates scheduled automatically, it could be working hard on a daily basis. With all of that work, it can lose its footing from time to time and cause things not to work as they should.
At Malwarebytes, our mission is to protect consumers and businesses from the most dangerous cyber threats. Today, we announced a new solution that will dramatically change endpoint detection and response (EDR) for Mac users - a growing target area for hackers. The fact that Mac users are safe from cyber threats is a common misconception.