This website is an experiment — we used an AI to create it for Science Gallery Dublin's HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY exhibition. Fancy something a bit more handmade? Read our human-designed print catalogue at


This website has been designed by artificial intelligence. Here, you’ll find links to the all the exhibits that make up HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY, as well as essays from our curators tackling the themes of the show and an up-to-date programme of events to accompany it.

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Driessens & Verstappen would like to thank the Mondriaan Fund for their generous support.

The artists would like to thank Eyal Abramovich and Tal Levy from ProtoDynamics.

Frankie would like to thank Artport Tel Aviv for their support of the project.

This exhibit is on loan from the collection of Gordon and Gwen Bell.

This work has been produced at EKWC (European Ceramic Work Centre) with the generous support of the Mondriaan Fund.

The artist would like to thank Astrid Thomschke, the Hasso Plattner Institute and the VIDA16 Incentive Award.

The artists would like to thank the University of Hertfordshire.

memememe was the recipient of a VIDA 15.0 Production Incentive award from Fundación Telefónica. Production support was provided by Autodesk Pier 9 in San Francisco, the Faboratory in Barcelona, and The Hacktory in Philadelphia. Inspiration, advising and guidance given by BeatBots in San Francisco.

Lorraine Oades would like to thank the Concordia University Part-time Faculty Association Professional Development Fund for financial support of this artwork.

The work is loaned by the Wingate Family collection. The artist would also like to thank Zvika Markfeld, Yair Uziel and Studio for Real.

Science Gallery Dublin would like to thank Walls To Workstations for their generous support of The Human Lounge.

William Myers — curator, writer and lead researcher for HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY.

Damien Henry — head of innovation for the Google Cultural Institute Lab in Paris. There, he directs a small team of creative coders and organises an artist residency.

Amber Case — cyborg anthropologist, user experience designer and public speaker.

Exhibition Build: East Joinery

Exhibition 3D Design: Cathrine Kramer

Exhibition 2D Design: Studio Aad

Exhibition Catalogue: Print Plus Print Ltd

We are indebted to broadcaster CGP Grey who first coined the provocative title HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY.

We would also like to thank the extended Science Gallery Dublin team and mediators for their work on all aspects of HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY.