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The web was a great invention, it quickly led to the mobile phone; which they tried to convince us was the supercomputer in our pocket. If only they

I have an important matter that I wish to share with you.

It is a startup that I am about to launch that is very much related to Singularity University ( and it's teachings.

I am doing this startup out of love ❤️ for Humanity and that alone.

I choose to categorize Neanderthals as Human 0.0, and then Homo Sapiens as the current Human 1.0 like you and me.

My plan is to upgrade the entire human race from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0. Just like we do regularly with our other devices.

Then you might grasp the effect such an upgrade will have on our future civilization.

I believe in doing good for Mankind by reshaping (upgrading) it.

Most of UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs - have a common root cause and that is Human 1.0

Human 2.0 will "fix" or mitigate the human 1.0 flaws and thereby do away with the SDG-related problems.

Both you and I stand to benefit.

Project Soulantis💥🌏💥
Sukhvinder Singh Jhotti 👳🏽

[email protected]
Skype id: TurbanSingh

Singularity University - Wikipedia

Singularity University (abbreviated SU) is a Silicon Valley think tank that offers educational programs and a business incubator. According to its website, it focuses on scientific progress and "exponential" technologies. It was founded in 2008 by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil at the NASA Research Park in California, United States.

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