French Accent

Sub-National Man Of Mystery

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Miami, OK 2016:
Denver, CO 2015:
Salt Lake City, UT 2015:
Fort Morgan, CO 2014:
Greeley, CO 2013:
Lewiston, ID 2012:
Fort Collins, CO 2011 (12 Days of French Christmas):

Head spinning in a caffeinated fugue, Kevin Bennett once found himself shredding down a Martian ski slope with a thousand irate Nephilim howling in his wake. On the way, he rescued twenty damsels, had lunch, and fully calculated Pi. In close company, he goes by “Bennett,” but he moonlights as an accordion-bearing comedian with an eye-patch and a beret, who goes by “French Accent.” He entertains any crowd, be it young, old, clean or "adult". His technique involves regular crowd participation and a musical element with no contemporary parallel.

Email the offices of French Accent at [email protected] for booking information. In addition to regularly performing as a headline comedian throughout the midwest and northwest via bookers such as TribbleRunEntertainment, Summit, Entertainment Max, Roger Paul, and Charter Talent, Bennett works in capacity as a host and feature comedian. He's performed comedy in half the continental United States, headlining in nine states, and is regularly a crowd favorite. He's made three television appearances including The Gameshow Network's "It Takes A Church", as well as promotional local news appearances prior shows. If interested, send an e-mail and he'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Kevin Bennett is a Colorado Comedian. Among Fort Collins Comedians, Bennett's built up a slight following. Mainly, they're hoping to catch him in an alley and bop him on the head with a blunt instrument; but everybody's got to start somewhere.

He is also a novelist; but that's for another part of the website.