We survived Irma

Because some of you are asking, we are sending a little update from O-town. We fared well through the storm. The climax of Irma began around six last night and continued through the evening with continuous tornado warnings, one of which passed right over us. These created some tension within us. The wind howled, belting trees in every direction and rain pummeled the earth as we drifted to sleep, hoping and praying for protection from these forces of nature. We awoke to light winds and sun peeking through this morning. Thankfully, we fared well as did our neighborhood. Some trees and fences are down. There are roof shingles here and there, but the damage is mild given the destruction others have experienced from Irma. Here are some photos from around our house

Downed trees were a common sight around our neighborhood. This picture is our backyard.

Irma left everything messy

Once cleanup from Irma began, our streets were lined with piles of branches from trees.

Rebuild and Replant

Our neighbor had two trees down. Others had fences go down.

Cabin Fever

Out of a case of cabin fever, Brockman studios produced a few videos.

We give thanks

We are grateful for your prayers and that God is a protector. Had the damage been worse, He would still be our protector. We were incredibly blessed never to have lost power. Sooooooooo thankful for this! We have friends whose yards and streets are flooded and are without power. Our neighborhood seems to shine in its drainage abilities. Whew.

As Keegs and Dennis walked around the neighborhood this morning to survey the damage, a police officer told them Orlando is under a curfew until 6 pm and to go home. Glad there’s only one day more we are under a curfew, and we enjoy so much freedom in America.