Renovarié – one of Lisa's next steps

August 10, 2017

A Letter of Invitation

We sent this letter to a number of our friends. Dennis just thought today that we wouldn't want to miss any of our friends here that are not on our mailing list. So, this is a letter explaining a beautiful opportunity for Lisa to expand her capacity to say "yes" to what God has in store next.

Meet Julie

Almost two years ago, I met Julie at a birthday dinner for a mutual friend. After spending several hours together over dinner, Julie asked me if I led a Bible study or was involved in one. “Why do you ask?” I said.

Julie replied, “Because I can tell you walk closely with Jesus and I want that in my life.”

“We don’t need a Bible study to connect. Let’s get together!”

Julie and I began meeting several times each month at Lake Eola park in the center of downtown Orlando. Surrounded by quacking geese, massive oaks, and the rippling of a lake, Julie invited me into her world. With raw authenticity, she shared how when she began working with Cru, she felt deeply connected to God and was excited about her work. Twelve years later, she was still on staff with Cru and married with two small children, but detached from the joy of the mission.

As we sat in Lake Eola park week after week, Julie shared how she felt disconnected from God, and how God felt indifferent. Her life wasn’t all that she thought it would be, which frustrated her. God didn’t feel loving or attentive to her and wasn’t showing up like she thought He should. She felt hopeless that there would be any change and had lost hope for the future. She almost felt dead to the God with whom she’d once enjoyed dynamic love. Julie was so spiritually empty that she was completely incapacitated as a gospel communicator.

Despite Julie’s reality, she still possessed a deep enough hunger to experience an intimate relationship with God that she reached out to me across a table of women, grasping for a lifeline. In the darkness, Julie was incapable of navigating a path to the one who is Light on her own. She needed a guide to lead her through the shadows and the depths, casting vision of how her story fits into God’s larger story. She needed someone to show her the face of God and the impact of her quest to look for life outside of Him. And she needed someone to lavish her with the Father’s gracious and merciful heart as she encountered her own darkness.

A Common Story

As I interact with Cru staff, I find that Julie’s story is not an isolated one, but a common story. It’s a story of those who are burdened to share the love of Jesus Christ as a vocation, but in their journey of faith and work, grow disillusioned with God and themselves.

Having a guide in their journey can mean the difference between remaining disillusioned in their darkness or being spiritually transformed into the image of Christ in their darkness, coming to see God as Lover and themselves as Beloved.


You can be the difference between Julie remaining disillusioned in her darkness and her being spiritually transformed, spiritually invigorated—you can change her life.

To change Julie’s life, I need you to revolutionize mine. I have been accepted into a two-year program with Renovaré Institute for spiritual formation where I have the opportunity to be further trained in spiritual formation, my greatest passion and calling.

It takes $6,000 to change both of our lives, and tuition is due July 1st. We can’t do this without you.

Please consider sending a gift of $100, $200, $500, $1000 or whatever amount gives you the greatest joy. You may give by clicking the black bar at the top of

You are the gospel champion who brings transformation to so many lives. It is a gift to partner with you.