Hurricane update (before the storm)

September 07, 2017

What it feels like

The music score brought on an intensity that moved you to the edge of your seat. Caught between horror and fear, you tensed for the next victim. If I played the unmistakable tune, you’d likely know it instantly--the 1975 thriller, Jaws.

Awaiting Hurricane Irma feels a bit like that. The havoc Harvey inflicted upon Houston ramps up the intensity for Irma. Tweets, web headlines, and chatter about the storm has a similar impact to the music score in Jaws.


Palm Beach Atlantic University closed after class yesterday and won’t re-open until Tuesday. This released Madison to drive home last night, surrounded by multitudes of South Floridians evacuating in preparation for Irma. She was in the thick of bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way home to Orlando, adding an hour to her usual three-hour commute.


Our Gator (UF mascot), Keegan, is at school in Gainesville. UF is canceling classes on Monday, the day after Irma is to strike our area. Keegan plans to stay in Gainesville, study, and ride out the storm with whoever remains.


We intend to ride out Irma at home. We considered leaving the area, but our schools here in Orlando are in session until Friday, and we’re hoping as Irma moves across land, she’ll slow a bit as she reaches central Florida.

Here’s our meteorology report:

We are 45 miles inland from the coast. The hurricane force winds are currently measuring 50 miles from the eye. If the eye runs up the coast, we will be on the outer edge of the high winds.

We are preparing as best as we are able. It’s wild walking aisles of the grocery store with shelves completely emptied. It’s actually a bit eerie. Our hearts are so burdened for the islands being pummeled by Irma right now. We’d love your prayers for us as well as for all those in Irma’s path and wake. We will send an update as soon as we are able after the storm.