Cru at Palm Beach Atlantic University Sometimes my kids blow me away.

Sometimes something flows out of them that is so beautiful and out-of-their-gift mix that I just sit back in awe at what I’m seeing. That something supernatural is leading them. This is one of those kind of stories.


Madison has begun her senior year at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She’s enjoying a fabulous Christian education with brilliant professors who mentor her in the fields of english and philosophy. She couldn’t ask for more in that area. At the same time, an area at PBA in which she’s grown increasingly discontent is with the lack of spiritual formation she sees happening among her peers. She’s surrounded by students who say they’re Christ-followers, yet it seems their faith isn’t at a place where it affects their lifestyle.

Madison has a giant heart for people. She also has a giant heart for God. During the summer, Madison shared that she might begin a Cru chapter at PBA.


Excuse me while I pull my jaw off the floor. For a moment I felt like I was in a twilight zone.

My daughter facing off with fibromyalgia and social anxiety, who hardly makes it through each day, who fiercely dislikes crowds and speaking to them, is thinking of beginning a campus ministry on her campus? Not in a million years would that thought have ever crossed my mind as something Madison would endeavor to do. Not in a million years.

Offering Life

She believes there’s a different kind of life to extend to them if they’d like to walk into it. A life where the incredible gracious love of an amazingly good God will enfold them in such a way that they’ll desire to image Him in this world.

Next thing I know, Madison has made contact with our campus ministry office in Orlando. She told them she’d like to start a ministry at PBA. She was linked up with a staff person who is coaching her through this process, step-by-step.

My daughter, with her many challenges, initiated with a few students she knows, and some she doesn’t know, inviting them to be part of a leadership team to launch Cru. Kimmy Jo has joined her. She initiated with Dr. Wright. a professor who loves Cru’s mission and is excited to be her faculty sponsor. She presented her vision before the student government leadership, seeking to be recognized as an official club on campus. All of this she has done while barely having the energy to get through each day of academics.


And last week, amid mid-terms, Cru at PBA was launched. Fifteen students showed up. She was thoroughly delighted as were we when we heard the news. I’m not overstating when I say I am filled with awe at this entire endeavor. Madison seemed to be in a state of wonder when we she shared the news with me.

I’ve told my daughter throughout her life that God’s Spirit, who lives in her, is a courageous and powerful one. She found that to be debatable at times. A lot of the time. We are watching God’s Spirit, alive and well in her, release out of her a part of her design I don’t know that any of us knew was in her and it is a joy-ride to ride this coaster with her.


She’d be delighted to have you join her in prayer for Cru at PBA, and the students who are drawn to drink more deeply of Jesus’ living water during their college experience.