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Seeking to grow like Jesus, "... growing—in wisdom, in physical stature, in favor with God, and in favor with others."

Give a gift to make disciples

Have you ever thought about writing your story?

Read more

An inspired letter

Read more here.

Celebrating Easter

The best day of the year.

Have you heard of FOMO?

Ream more here about one of our girls who has it bad.

Celebrating Thanksgiving

We hope your thanksgiving was at least as festive as ours. Here is ours in pictures.

Lisa is back in school

Read here and get a taste of Lisa’s next adventure.

Cru launched at PBA

We were surprised by the founder of a new Cru ministry at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Read more.

What happens during a hurricane?

Irma was a beast, but we made it. Read more.

She’s coming, but she is not welcome.

Irma is on her way and we prepare. Read more

We love Keegan

He is spreading his wings. Read more.

Lisa’s new adventure

The next two years for Lisa will look different. Read more

Meseret proclaims to the world

Meseret gets really wet for all the right reasons. Read more

A longing for intimacy with the Lord

One of our kids asks how to know God better. Read more

Ouch, Madison hits guard rail

Madison names her cars, and this one was called Mushu. However, Mushu is no more. Read more.

Soul amnesia and unforced rhythms of grace

Why does it feel like torture to watch my child suffer? Read more.

Give a gift to make disciples