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Give a gift to make disciples

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Give a gift to make disciples

JANUARY 08, 2017

In May when we brought our sophomore home we did not know that it would take her two months before she would get out of bed for even normal things. We had to engage in a learning process that included doctors, labs, test and therapies. It also was a time to lament over losses and give way to a process and a timing not of our own choosing.

It was not and today it is not easy. Madison has fibromyalgia and there are days when it wipes her out as she manages the pain and deals with the loss of energy, but she is learning to lean into it.

She has learned much since May and this Monday we leave for West Palm Beach where Madison will continue her studies at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

We all are excited but sobered by the road ahead. Madison will have to be vigilant with her diet, exercise, rest and work. Upsets in any of these areas and/or a dose of crazy stress can trigger the pain in her system. There will no doubt be some challenges, but we have seen Madison push into it and make good choices to bring her body back to more manageable places. She has learned and continues to learn the truth Paul wrote about in Philippians, "Know this: my God will also fill every need you have according to His glorious riches in Jesus the Anointed, our Liberating King."

Many of you have prayed for Madison. We are grateful. Thank you for your concern, support and love. We love you too.

Here we go!

Give to be our Gospel Champion

December 12, 2016

Whew...I just completed, I mean Kamise and I just completed her science fair project. Someone shout hallelujah. I will never understand why the school system keeps forcing us to repeat parts of grade levels we graduated from a really long time ago...or if we choose not to do the work...I mean assist our kids in the arduous science fair process, then our kid's board looks like a fifth grader made the board while her competitor's look like an adult-polished, elaborate scrapbook project.

So, for this assignment, I took one for the team and found a project we would both enjoy executing (at least for the first several hours), edited her spelling/grammar challenged work for hours, then spent an eternity making sure we have all of the parts for the board and making it look "professional and not cutesy because real live engineers and scientists will be judging it." Yeah, those really were the words in that email. While I wrote the title on the massive tri-fold my girl sighed,

"I wish we could make it cutesy."

I told her I wish she could, too. Because she's in fifth grade and most fifth grade girls like cutesy. Nonetheless, the 10-week long process has been executed and completed! Did I say someone shout hallelujah yet? I'm pretty sure that whatever the intention the administration has for putting a child and parent through this process, mostly is never realized. Because in our household, it only makes us dislike the scientific process even more than we did when the previous child finished their project, and my kids feel a certain emotion from their deepest parts, as Kamise so eloquently put it tonight,

"I hate science!"

After enduring the hardship of this day, I've got nothing left over for this post.

Besides, I don't think I could add anything original to the amazing advent devotionals circulating around this advent season. My personal favorite is Ann Voskamp's book, The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas. In it, she starts at the beginning of God's love story to us, in the book of Genesis and weaves the truths of the reality of the insanely reckless love and incarnation of our Creator throughout each page. Even though we're three weeks into advent, it's not too late for the richness of Ann's spiritual direction.

Because I don't have a deep thought in me tonight, I think it would be fruitful to give you a window into a mid-life blooper of Dennis. A few months ago, Dennis arrived home from a long day of work after we had all gone to bed. He and our team were in the thick of creating the design and materials for our global briefing and thoroughly exhausted. Seeking out a little comfort in a homemade chocolate chip cookie dough ball, he headed to the freezer where I keep a gallon ziploc bag full of homemade cookie dough balls. Unfortunately for Dennis, he went to the wrong freezer. In the dim light, he found a ziploc bag with balls in it, reached inside and took one out. Salivating, and with great anticipation, sunk his teeth into that ball of goodness.

But something didn't taste quite right. He sniffed the ball with his sniffer. After one more bite, gagging, he knew something wasn't right with the dough ball.

The next morning, Dennis shared with me his story. I buckled over instantly, howling at the top of my lungs...for the following week. Because the light was dim, he missed the label I'd written on the bag which said Italian Meatballs. RAW meatballs.

So I could be really obnoxious at this point and Jesus juke you all with a line like,

"Isn't that just like life? We hunger for the comforts and most of the time, end up with raw meatballs?"

I really did not premeditated that Jesus juke. Promise.

But it's a bit too true. My greatest comfort is believing that because of the incarnation, we are never alone while consuming raw meatballs. God. With. Us. With us in the mess, the brokenness, the goodness, the hopelessness, and the wonder. Ann Voskamp captures this reality in The Greatest Gift,