We are embarking on a long overdue project for VR project. We are combining pounds of spells, potions, blood, sweat, tears, laughter, brainwaves, and love into this single project that spans many technology and artistic disciplines just to produce a single strong memory for you- the pilot of this mysterious adventure.

Sherlocking Artificial Intelligence

What is agency?

An autonomous entity observing the behavior and deducting motives of other actors within an environment understanding the current situation and contextual relationship between the other actors to work toward achieving a personal goal. These non-player characters (NPC)’s rationally behave based on experience. They utilize what they learn or use knowledge to achieve their aim.

Why agency?

There are many different formulas to construct realistic artificial intelligence. We are in an arms race for artificial intelligence. As a result, Fairchild Consortium does not want to create the silver bullet of various artificial intelligence, but a system that allows them to interact with one another in interesting ways on various levels of consciousness.

Our System

Fairchild Consortium is in deep study about the variations of Artificial Intelligence. Many developers are working toward introducing AI to our world. However, Fairchild Consortium’s approach is to assist the AI in developing their own world to exist together in both virtual and augmented space.

One of the most difficult social and mathematical systems to unravel is creating an environment for multiple artificial intelligence to exists together while maintaining their independence and identities among similar and vastly different sentient beings.

Our Solution

Fairchild Consortium’s answer is showcasing various AIs operating on different levels within a game environment that tries to react to the actions of the player character- you. We are in pre-production on working within the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Now ‘til Infinity

Fairchild Consortium operates under a unique development structure. We combined ideas and principles from Valve Development principles derived from their Handbook for New Employees, Feature-Driven Development and Scrum, and the Toyota Production System. We are a lean development machine that understands that small teams with necessary players are more effective and efficient to getting the project to completion. We understand that switching team members from team-to-team reduces the monotony of being on a single project, keeps people in personal Flow, and ensures hyper-creative environment. Sure, it is demanding. However, the demands are met with rewards and diversity of royalties. Yes, we are studio that recognizes the developers are just as important if not more important than our customers.

More importantly, we know that subtle morphing to swift transforming of the team places us at an advantage over other development teams. We are able to be more inclusive of creative input while quickly making decisions heading toward a single vision that is always “creating the best possible product- on time, on budget, and on scope.”

Thus far, we have been successful. I would love to share some of our projects. But, white labeling and air-tight NDAs prevent us from sharing the products of our labor. While we enjoy working with our highly creative and demanding partners, we are embarking on developing prototypes, tools, and projects for 2D and 3D video games across many platforms- mobile, console, PC, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and In Real Life!

Keep an eye on us. We will be here from Now ‘til Infinity.

Fairchild Consortium has made some bold moves as far as business structure and culture. We are unlike any other studio because we are utilizing bits and pieces from contemporary business and creative leaders.

Fairchild Consortium believes inventiveness and innovation need to be central to the development process. It is a thin line to walk to make sure that our development decisions are not detrimental to the project, company, or the culture. With that said, we are still on track to deliver an innovative development methodology and inventive product for Virtual Reality.

What is a consortium?

Fairchild Consortium is comprised of passive and interactive entertainment industries’ rookies, seasoned intermediates, hardcore veterans, and studios developing immersive products and services across TV, film, video games, augmented reality, and virtual reality.