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We are a photography duo (Tshepo Rancho and kg_dynamic) from Johannesburg. We base our art on creating images that creatively portray the urban culture in and around places that are authentically South African. We are constantly trying to challenge stereotypes and bridge the gap between what the outside world perceives as "Urban Culture" and what it actually is, as people who live the culture.

We pride ourselves in our ability to take high quality photographs for different kinds of clients. We also have built a small database of models (absolutely unique) that we have personally handpicked, this comes in handy because clients don’t have to get another party involved, they can simply refer to our database and save time and money that could have been spent on that admin. We also have great relationships with all the relevant people in the urban culture scene and that’s what allows us to deliver something more than just photography to our clients but brand building.

Tshepo Rancho started Everyday Matters (evryday_matters) in 2015 because as a creative he was inspired by everyday people in everyday life and all he wanted to do was to capture these moments that are authentic South African stories. He then met with his childhood friend Katleho Monaheng who is also a renowned photographer and they decided to partner and be the photography duo that they are today. Both guys were born and raised in Soweto but they are constantly trying to steer away from what every “creative” says, which is trying to portray Soweto in a different light.