M'illumino di meno 2012 - Enrico Fink. Arlo Bigazzi & Cantierranti : Vedo chiaro limpido vero.

l'album "Fuori dal Pozzo" è disponibile qui ► materialisonori.com ► iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/fuori-dal-pozzo/id835585059 facebook.com/materialisonoriconcerti matson.it/artists.php?id=19 altri album di Enrico: ► materialisonori.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=enrico+fink&x=4&y=4 altri album di Arlo: ► materialisonori.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=arlo+bigazzi&x=0&y=0 È vero m'illumino di meno e lo so, lo so, lo so lo so che sembra strano strano ma vedo più lontano vedo chiaro, limpido, vero se m'illumino di meno Cerca di coprire le finestre con le tende scopri di vedere ancora più lontano per mano portami con te, portami con te ma solo sul divano.

Enrico Fink: Hatzel Project - El Nora Alila

A very free version of the piyut used in Sephardic and Italian tradition to introduce the final part of the Yom Kippur service, Neilah. Live and unedited; summer 2015, Bologna, Jewish Museum. The Hatzel Project: Enrico Fink; Zeno De Rossi; Gabriele Coen; Alfonso Santimone; Francesco Bigoni. x

Enrico Fink: Hatzel Project - Kol Nedarim

Live and unedited - summer 2015, Museo Ebraico di Bologna. In the Italian minhag, the famous "Kol Nidrey" (which is in aramaic) is replaced by its Hebrew version, Kol Nedarim. This is a free interpretation of the traditional melody from Ferrara.

For several years now Enrico Fink has been one of the major figures in the Jewish music and theatre scene in Italy, regularly touring Europe and the US with different groups and projects – and invited to hold speeches, seminars and lectures from universities, music schools, Jewish museums and institutions the world over.

Enrico was born in Florence, the great-grandson of a Jewish-Russian refugee who served as cantor in many Italian synagogues. After a variety of musical experiences in groups ranging from funk-rock to contemporary music (with pauses to complete a degree in physics) he has devoted himself to new interpretations of the Jewish cultural tradition, finding a path between "radical" and traditional, which uses both music and musical theater as means of expression. He frequently appears in major venues throughout Europe, and with Ensemble Lucidarium is going to have his fifth US tour in February 2015, a tour which will include a presentation of his “Shirat hayam” project in New York, with the participation of Frank London.

Maurizio G. De Bonis, SHALOM (review to Lokshen)… you understand right away that you are witnessing a profound cultural operation. Lokshen is based on a bold interconnection of words and music, in which lyrical flux and elaborate sound architecture unite, creating a sort of ideal artistic object…

Blow Up magazine  (review to “The Jazz Singer’s Return to Faith”) …Fink is captivating and convincing… a well designed soundtrack, moving from jazz to chamber music and creative use of electronics…

Rock Star magazine (review to “The Jazz Singer’s Return to Faith”)... Magnificently played, between jazz and prayer, wonderful melodies and chants.

Alicia Svigals (comments on “The Jazz Singer’s Return to Faith”): The CD is wonderful, and totally unexpected. A truly contemporary Italian Jewish production: the arrangements are creative and unique, and Enrico really has that cantorial singing style, soulful wailing… Yasher koyekh!