Guido Eekhaut

Crime, Speculative Fiction and Young Adult Writer

Guido Eekhaut.

Crime, Speculative Fiction and Young Adult writer.

This site is about the state our world is in, and about all matter related to literature, genre and otherwise.

I give presentations, talks, conferences about my past work as a journalist and futurist, and as a fiction writer.

My books are published both in English and Dutch. Stories have appeared in about a dozen of languages.

Mobile: 32 476 283918

ONE THING ABOUT the New Narrative writer Kevin Killian is that everyone who knows him, even a little, seems to love him unreservedly. Mention to people in your MFA program that you're reviewing a Kevin Killian book and you'll get a half-octave rise in any number of professorial voices, plus deep expressions of care, as ...
Dear Care and Feeding: My Toddler Really, Really, Really Wants to Take Pictures of Her Vagina There Is No One to Cheer for in the Potential Battle Between Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Žižek Waking Up at 4 in the Morning Won't Make You a CEO Ask a Teacher: Why Does My Kid's School Always Need Stuff From Us With Zero Advance Notice?
Lili Loofbourow / Slate Magazine
Government shutdowns hurt millions. Great depressions hurt even more. History suggests real pain is round the corner
Thirty years ago, when tech was taking off and few colleges offered computer science degrees, I started my first job in IT. I was a liberal arts grad living in the Boston area. Tech was growing faster than universities could develop computer science departments, so many colleges in the area offered something like today's boot camps to help open doors.
Liberal education is the individual assimilation of cultural memory: we recover the historical and metaphysical ground of our being by studying the accumulated riches of the past. This humanly essential undertaking, which every generation must begin anew, is worthwhile both for its own sake and for its fruits.
Fanny Gallot Roberto Mozzachiodi Joe Hayns Women's prominent role in the gilets jaunes movement should be no surprise. Struggles against the high cost of living have long made it possible for women to highlight and politicize the particular burdens we face.
Recently, the Beijing police took my brother sightseeing again. Nine days, two guards, chauffeured tours through a national park that's a World Heritage site, visits to Taoist temples and to the Three Gorges, expenses fully covered, all courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security.
There are many ways to measure the passage of time: the tick of a clock, the rising and setting of the sun, the changing of the seasons - or the ebb and flow of internet memes. At the beginning of the year, we were still eating Tide Pods, and Distracted Boyfriend was at its peak.
Victoria Turk / WIRED UK
On the quiet alignment between "smart" government and the universal information engine. By Adam J. White, director of the Center for the Study of the Administrative State at George Mason University's Antonin Scalia Law School