Skid Young Adult Racing Romance Series (Book #1)

Is she brave enough to keep her right foot down?

Seventeen year old Samantha killed her father in a tragic accident. Now she's dedicated her life to winning at any cost. Her father's dreams for her will be fulfilled...even if it destroys her. Eighteen year old Manny is next in line to run his uncle's Formula One team. But he's not ready. It's hard to be confident when the crew still sees Manny as that shy kid they would tease in the garage.

When Samantha's driving talents put her inside Manny's world, even the crew feels the electricity between them. Romeo & Juliet...that's what they call them. Samantha thinks she can face her fears. But she's wrong. First female world champion? Samantha won't stand a chance unless Manny can step-up and be her rock. When the dark clouds unleash their fury. When her hands quiver on the wheel. When the walls close in at over 230 miles per hour.

Skid is the first book in a young adult racing romance series that features well-developed characters, an amazing plot, and a strong heroine with spunk. If you like a character-based novel full of action with a sweet and believable relationship, then you’ll love the first installment in Doug Solter's totally original young adult series.