DeRP Farms

Arizona Prop 203 State Licensed Medical Cannabis Farm Specializing in Hand Trimmed Greenhouse and Indoor Flower

All of our hand trimmed product is available on Leaflink.

Ace of Spades ♠️

The Ace of Spades ♠️

Mendo Dope/ Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Medo Dope

Conspiracy Kush

Sat/Ind: 30/70 Hybrid: Obama Kush x Space Queen High Type: Stoney, euphoric head high that you can feel creeping in your face within minutes. Great night time smoke for relaxing and getting you ready for bed. For the everyday kush smoker that likes to get high this one is for you. Taste/Aroma: Phenotypes range vastly in taste, grabbing characteristics from all parent plants combined. Hidden within, you will find that a fruity funk will be dominate, but in that fruit mix you will also discover a lemony musk, cherry drops, with an under tone of an OG funk. The taste is a heavy fruit salad with an earthy popery exhale.



1. To smoke cannabis.

2. To inhale the smoke or vapor of cannabis or to consume and edible form of cannabis (brownie, cookie, etc.).


1. Cannabis.

2. A joint or blunt containing cannabis.


"Let's go DeRP in the forest!"


"Hey man, you got any DeRP?"