Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We comply with European General Data Protection Regulation provisions.

All texts and requests are handled with confidentiality and we are obliged to maintain secrecy regarding all facts that become known to us in connection with our work for the client. In view of the electronic nature of transmission and other electronic forms of communication of texts and data with the customer, we (and our assignees) cannot ensure the absolute protection of operations and information secrets and other confidential data and information, since it cannot be ruled out that unauthorized third parties access the transmitted texts through electronic means. For this, we recommend the employment of suitable encryption software.

Cornillie Consulting never uses cloud-based or machine translation software unless specifically asked to do so by the customer. Customer translations are only saved on our servers and, in cases where we work with partner translators, on their computers for project handling purposes. Translations are never saved to crowd or cloud-based databases for review or further processing by third parties.
This website does not collect visitors’ personal information via contact forms, registration requests or opt-ins of any other kind. Visitors may contact us directly via email or by phone using the information and links provided. Cornillie Consulting will never send its clients or prospects or any other company or individual unsolicited emails, spam, newsletters, surveys or other correspondence unrelated to actual projects, nor will it contact clients for purposes other than discussing ongoing projects or existing business relationships. Cornillie Consulting does not share contact information or personal data of any kind with third parties unless specifically requested to do so by the client (e.g. forwarding the client’s information to another translator with a different language combination when the customer wishes to be contacted directly).

This website is for information and contact purposes only. Cornillie Consulting does not directly employ analytics software and does not link to social media networks. However, our web and mail hosting services may do so indirectly. They are bound by their own data privacy policies: 1) and 2) Our websites may contain links to other web pages hosted by third parties who are not bound by this data privacy policy. Cookies, if used as part of a web content management system, are only used for purposes such as remembering your language settings. Cornillie Consulting does not process or analyze this information in any way. If you contact us via the contact form on this site and do not subsequently place an order with us, then we will delete all personal information automatically within the legally specified period.