Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ uses touch stimulation of the muscles, zones and reflex points on the face to restore energy balance throughout the body.

As a complementary modality, it can be safely applied regardless of other treatments that may be in progress.

It will help you to feel better with less muscle tension plus have a more radiant complexion.

It helps to support the regulation of blood, hormones, lymph, and boosts your immune system.

Mary Alexis has practiced within the field of occupational therapy since 1999 in various settings with individuals across their lifespan with complex medical histories.

Mary enjoys helping those she serves to reach independence in all facets of their lives using a client-centered approach. She has been driven to personally explore the integration of complementary and alternative treatment modalities (CAM) not only for her own self-care, but also to implement during treatment with those she serves within the scope of her practice.