Glass Ball Eyes

  1. Look at a point about 1 meter in front of you.
  2. Fix the eyes in this position, looking straight out of your head.
  3. Do not focus, instead put your attention on the edges of your visual field.

“Don Juan had delineated another procedure: walking for long stretches without focusing the eyes on anything. His recommendation had been to not look at anything directly but, by slightly crossing the eyes, to keep a peripheral view of everything that presented itself to the eyes.”

“He had insisted that if one kept one’s unfocused eyes at a point just above the horizon, it was possible to notice, at once, everything in almost the total 180-degree range in front of one’s eyes.”

– Carlos Castaneda

  1. Pick a spot on a wall and look at it (if you’re not near a wall just look at anything upon which you can focus).
  2. Now, let your awareness expand so that, although you’re still looking in the direction of the spot you’re not looking at it. Allow yourself to get the sense that you can almost see 360 degrees—that you have awareness in all directions. You’ll feel a shift as you do this.
  3. While keeping this visual expansion, let you attention go to your hearing and realize that your awareness of sound also extends out from your body in every direction.
  4. Now add your skin. Imagine that you can feel and are spatially aware of everything in your environment—in all directions.

It’s a good idea to practice going back on forth from looking at the spot, to the trance. As you become more adept at recognizing the feeling of trance you also become more adept at creating it for yourself! – Huna