The purpose of the conditioning is to get into trance, shift viewpoint and start resonating.

Trance is a tool to switch off your talking mind and get sensitive enough to be able to connect to the subtle qualia that will prime your movements. The talking mind is very young when perceived from the viewpoint of the totality of life and the evolutionary time span.

A quick look at the state of human culture proves that this talking, reasoning mind is pretty immature and still full of bugs. It perceives itself disconnected from the world and is busy with either the past or the future. It might be a good tool for a politician but for the butoh dancer the talking mind is of very little use.

It is the older minds and mind-like structures, collectively called the subconscious, that are rooted in here and now and connected to the totality of life. Like martial arts, butoh begins from the belly...

Once a trance has been achieved, shamanic techniques like noble silence, controlled breath and un-focusing the eyes are used to sink into the darkness of your body and thus change viewpoint.

With your daily mind gone and your viewpoint shifted into the body, it is easy to connect to the world through your sub-minds and start resonating with the universe around you. Thus sub-bodies are born...