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This page is built using “The Grid” and we are using it as a focal point for at Socialprise our thoughts and perspectives around AI and what seemed like a novel idea in the past seems to be coming more and more relevant powerful.

Artificial Intelligence from our perspective has three main players at the moment (all could change suddenly) but we have IBM’s Watson, Google Deepmind, Elon Musk’s Open AI but there is a list of other companies who have created powerful tools as well Azure Machine Learning, Google Cloud Prediction API, Tensor Flow, API.IO, Rainbird, just to name a few.

OpenAI shows here that for the task of simulated robot wrestling, a meta-learning agent can learn to quickly defeat a stronger non-meta-learning agent, and also show that the meta-learning agent can adapt to physical malfunction.
OpenAI have videos sharing what happens when two bots created battle it out, power of one over the other.

Could this happen to the human race

Stephen Hawking thinks it could be here

Once AI gets past the point of general intelligence, could it surpass us? Guess we will just have to await and see.