Relax, Indulge, Experience…

at the shampoo bowl

We want to change the way you think about your time at the sink. At AVBS we have completely separated our shampoo areas into their own dimly lit rooms, with relaxing music to set the mood for your experience. It isn’t just about the room, though. Our approach to the shampoo experience, as we call it, dates back to 1999. When polled, guests reported that their favorite part of a salon experience was a relaxing shampoo. Also polled were stylists, that reported that their least favorite thing to do was shampoo hair. We immediately saw an opportunity to provide a service experience that guests were craving. Look at any AVBS review and you’ll notice the mention of the Lather Lounge or the Wash House, our two shampoo areas, with sixteen chairs dedicated to ensuring that you will never think of the shampoo bowl the same way again.

The Lather Lounge

Six upright chairs, and two lay down bowls make up the original AVBS shampoo room. Featuring down tempo electronica music, the Lather Lounge has a distinctive pulse and energy that perfectly melds relaxation with stimulation. Breathe in breathe out, and melt away in the Lather Lounge.