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Rich Okun Talks about Publishing with Balboa Press

Short video about the self publishing experience and the success of being picked up by a traditional publisher.

Book Lovers Corner The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and Maya

Regional TV Station WTNH Interview with Rich Okun and Maya about their book, The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya on November 13, 2013 More information can be found at

That's The Spirit 7 28 13 Author Rich Okun

Maya and my first TV Interview taped on July 22, 2013 aired on July 28, 2013 on That's the Spirit WCCT with Father John Gatzak

rich okun the sun the moon

Author/Illustrator Rich Okun talks about newly published book The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and For more information please go to.

Ivy Moon Press

THERE are many ways to physically express the creative thought process. Some use brushes and paint, while others use a pen or keyboard. Some, however, are talented enough to use multiple art forms to tell a story. One such person is Rich Okun.

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