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Another real winner this year for the LaBritannique and Atlantiko team, a flourless almond ricotta and lemon cake...divine gluten free magicc...

I could easily avoid a chocolate eclair, but always loved the coffee icing on a Belgian eclair in a Brussels bakery or even supermarket for that hungover guaranteed and needed sugarrush… but browsing around the internet for ideas to complete our summer cakes repetoire with something other than our fabulous Trinity in Chocolate or Ricotta Lemon and Almond Torte, well, strawberry and pistachio - what’s not to like?

Thanks to Australia’s Gourmet Traveller… it’s going to be a fabulous summer!

Crushed strawberry and pistachio éclairs

Chocolate is hard to go past, but it's by no means the last word in éclair toppings and fillings. We've opted for a strawberry-flecked crème fraîche filling, contrasting with a crunchy caramel top scattered with pistachios - light, fresh and more than a little moreish.

There are many things that you can only ever really learn, by doing, doing again and again and then with some prior knowledge then read and see how some things can be turned on their head. Since the rise of mollecular gastronomy, us cooks have been taking more interest in the nerdy science side of cooking and not just the artform… here is one example about how to really caramelise onions and what to expect from shortcuts. Food 52 btw is a great fountain of all things knowledge culinaire :)

The Truth About Caramelizing Onions

"It might be the most valuable journalistic work I've ever done." That's reporter Tom Scocca, who has covered presidential elections and the Supreme Court nominations, reflecting on a piece he wrote five years ago for Slate in which he snuffed out recipe writers' biggest, baddest fib: the time it takes to caramelize onions.

Mint cake

Divine and brightly green and fresh tasting mintiness... Perfect with our trinity in chocolate and/or white chocolate tequilla mint ganache
This recipe is the third in a series of four that I developed in partnership with the Big Green Egg who sponsored this post. (Read more about sponsored content on Eat Like a Girl). Previously in this series: BBQ Teriyaki Pig Cheeks and BBQ Clams with Gojuchang ...
Learn how to properly hone your knives so that they'll work better and last longer.