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add shiso and mint - great addition to the best and most quintessentially English of tea

Cucumber sandwich makeover...

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That's some storm brewing!

and this was one January, although very apt for today’s dank and miserable weather

i thought of a great beef stew that i knocked up for St Patrick’s Day for some clients - the light doesnt do the photo justice and it was more a family affair than posh nosh even if it was for one of America’s top military brass in Belgium...

the rich brown colour from guinness, anchovies and a slug of balsamic and soy sauce...you can’t beat it on a cold and wet night, played off with some greeny black kale quickly and boldly fried with garlic in hot olive oil - there is little better - and that folks is midsummer in Belgium... tuh!

Percebes Virgin

PERCEBES.... and guess which bit you actually eat.... not the toenail but the sock!!


you come across these strange creatures and wonder what on earth you are coming face to face with and then think how come i have never seen them before, let alone wondered what they might taste like... Percebes, or a type of barnacle - but not any old molusc, rather the salty sweet and divine tasting delight from the Cantabrian Sea... hello you little beauties... daddy is here :)


Spring in and around Brussels... Now let's get busy with wild garlic