Sentinel System

Two Nozzle Fogger For Extreme Conditions

  • The power head is designed for tough areas - where corrosive gases challenge conventional materials, or airborne dust might quickly clog a conventional air intake filter.
  • Interior components are protected by the gasketed weathertight housing, check valves in nozzle lines and a 2-inch collar for ducted clean air. Simply bolt or hang the NEMA 4 enclosure to a wall or ceiling, plug into a power outlet and attach a low pressure liquid feed line. The fogger is ready to operate.
  • Intake air is drawn from user-supplied ducting leading to clean air. No fan is necessary, but ducting must be properly sized for air flows (consult factory if in doubt). Also, if unit will be operated in freezing environments, we suggest that intake ducting be routed to temper the intake air somewhat.
  • The power head activates when it detects liquid feed; no control wiring is needed. When your needs change, relocate heads or add more. Just connect the liquid supply line and the connection to input air.
  • There are lots of ways you can set up the liquid feed/control system - pump from a barrel, mix in-line with a proportional injector or feed house water supplied through a solenoid valve ... and control everything with a timer, gas monitor or even a weather station.
  • For more information on setting up a Sentinel II system, please see our Technical Design Notes page or contact the factory. The accessories page also lists some of the liquid transfer and timing components that can be used with Sentinel II power heads.


Always read and follow instructions on the label of chemical you are using.

  1. Nozzle Air Intake
  2. Particle Size, VMD Control Valve
  3. Two. Fully adjustable angle, direction
  4. 2 in flexible coupling w/ stainless clamp for connection to clean air ducting .
  5. 7-30 μ, adjustable.
  6. Nine turn vernier w/ memory lock Glass filled epoxy w/ stainless stem and seat, Viton® seals
  7. * In addition, see Common Specifications - Sentinel Power Heads
  8. Discharge Rate Enclosure
  9. Materials Dimensions
  10. Shipping Weight
  11. 0-20 oz [600 ml] /min, adjustable
  12. NEMA 4 (weathertight, corrosion resistant). Fiberglass, stainless hdwr.
  13. Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl Fittings - brass, acetal Nozzle - Celcon®
  14. H (incl collar): 51 cm W (max w/ nozzles): 107 cmW (enclosure only): 36 cmD: 22 cm

14 kg