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Anotec Environmental Pty Ltd is an Australian technology supplied nationally and exported worldwide. Premium quality formulations have been supplied and been available for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Applications since 1990. At Anotec Environmental Pty Ltd we are committed to maintaining and constantly improving the standards of excellence that we have achieved over the past twenty years. Standards that have brought us distinction as a specialty range chemical formulator and manufacturer of effective odour control, sanitation and cleaning products.

Anotec Environmental is proud to have adopted the BATNEEC (Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Costs) Policy which is applicable for all industry types including the commercial and domestic sector.

ANOTEC has been in the industry for 25 years and is one of the leading brands in Odour control systems in Australia and worldwide.

Anotec Environmental is working towards continuous product development and persistent promotion of eco friendly products.

Anotec Environmental Pty Ltd has a unwavering commitment to provide the best odour control solution for you. To meet the current and ongoing odour control needs of our national and international clients; Anotec Environmental offers comprehensive odour control solutions meeting and exceeding client expectations. Anotec Environmental's diverse client portfolio spans an enormous variety of commercial interests (small and large) including insurance companies, health care providers, manufacturers, retailers, property developers, building and construction companies, telecommunications, and entertainment and information technology companies, exporters of Australian goods and services, engineers, local Commonwealth and State government entities, research and development syndications, hospitality and industrial companies.

  • Anotec Spray and Wipe (Peppermint)
  • Anotec New Fresh Spray and Wipe
  • Floor and Tile Cleaner
  • Anotec Glass/ Window and Hard Surface Cleaner
  • Anotec Carpet Cleaner
  • Anotec Dishwashing Liquid (Lemon)
  • Anotec Liquid Hand Soap
  • Graffiti Remover
  • Car Wash
  • Unchlorinated Bleach
  • Chlorinated Bleach
  • Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • Anotec Fresh and Clean
  • Anotec Heavy Duty Degreaser
  • Anotec Laundry Detergent (Liquid)
  • Anotec General Disinfectant-Eucalyptus/ Lemon
  • Anotec New Fresh Disinfectant
  • Anotec AlcoKleen (Sanitiser Gel)
  • Anotec CitroKleen (Citrus Degreaser)
  • Hand Cleaner (Hand Scrub)
  • Leather Care
  • Leather cleaner
  • Anotec Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Anotec Grill Cleaner (Powder)
  • Anotec Laundry Detergent (Powder)
  • Anotec Mould Cleaner
  • Anotec Adhesive Remover

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Designed tough for Australian conditions. Featuring high pressure atomising technology and precision control of a 7-micron ULV (ultra low volume) particle size the Cirrus is the perfect heavy duty unit for tough outdoor odours. These units can be fitted with 5-100+ odour control outlets to treat along boundaries or large outdoor areas. The Cirrus can be optioned to include integration with Weather Stations, SCADA systems or be standalone to ensure optimal dosing rates no matter what the circumstances.Complete with SMS, email alerting and IoT interface for web control, this unit is protected from errors and running out of solution, there is no reason to ever get another Odour Complaint again.

Anotec 0307 is the standard odour control, formulation. Efficacies of the formulation are determined via qualitative and quantitative techniques for odour measurement. Anotec 0307 formulations can be fogged, hand sprayed, misted or drip-fed depending on the application required. Anotec 0307 is fully miscible in water with scientifically chosen and blended surfactants. This blend, when applied via either a misting, fogging device or trigger sprayer bottle, alters the surface tension of the liquid/vapor compound. A key property of the Anotec 0307 formulation is that it modifies the surface properties of chemical odour components. The primary action takes place at the chemical odour and Anotec 0307 interface.

A highly concentrated water soluble liquid phase odour control formulation. Anotec PRO5L is intended for use as a liquid additive to malodorous (smelly) solutions and acts as an odour profiling agent. Odours inherent in any base product are significantly reduced and/or eliminated without affecting the efficacy or chemistry of the client’s product. Gone are the days when Pest Control meant asking your clients to stay away from their house for hours if not days to avoid the smell!

The Anotec Fogmaster DM7421 drum mounted unit features precision control of particle size, from a dry, 7-micron ULV (ultra low volume) droplet to the larger particles of conventional fogging and misting equipment. ULV application provides greater penetration and diffusion of fog particles, allowing more concentrated solutions to be used and shortening application times.

Also, the higher surface to volume ratio of small droplets makes them superior for odour control and other gas contact applications. Hire arrangement for site remediation projects (portable systems only). Supply of Fogmaster range of products for purchase Configuration of Fogmaster systems for stacks emissions (odour) control Spare Parts

Anotec Fresh & Clean is truly an innovative product that provides a safe and natural solution to many types of cleaning, odour and staining problems. This product has a quick cleaning action with instant odour control and rapid removal of most stains.

Anotec New Fresh Odour Control is formulated to treat odours such as tobacco, stale milk, vomit and general indoor odours. This product has a pleasant subtle fragrance and is used in hotels, common rooms, guest rooms, toilets, bathrooms and pet areas.

Two Nozzle Fogger For Extreme Conditions

  • The power head is designed for tough areas - where corrosive gases challenge conventional materials, or airborne dust might quickly clog a conventional air intake filter.
  • Interior components are protected by the gasketed weathertight housing, check valves in nozzle lines and a 2-inch collar for ducted clean air. Simply bolt or hang the NEMA 4 enclosure to a wall or ceiling, plug into a power outlet and attach a low pressure liquid feed line. The fogger is ready to operate.
  • Intake air is drawn from user-supplied ducting leading to clean air. No fan is necessary, but ducting must be properly sized for air flows (consult factory if in doubt). Also, if unit will be operated in freezing environments, we suggest that intake ducting be routed to temper the intake air somewhat.
  • The power head activates when it detects liquid feed; no control wiring is needed. When your needs change, relocate heads or add more. Just connect the liquid supply line and the connection to input air.
  • There are lots of ways you can set up the liquid feed/control system - pump from a barrel, mix in-line with a proportional injector or feed house water supplied through a solenoid valve ... and control everything with a timer, gas monitor or even a weather station.
  • For more information on setting up a Sentinel II system, please see our Technical Design Notes page or contact the factory. The accessories page also lists some of the liquid transfer and timing components that can be used with Sentinel II power heads.