Andrew has the perfect balance of grounded knowledge, understanding and experience of metaphysics, energy, health, media and marketing. During our first meeting it was evident Andrew had the gift and talent, of moving through these areas of skill according to what I needed. It seemed like he knew what I wanted without me having to elaborate too much. He got what I was saying straight away. I think this combination is magic* for Health & Wellbeing practitioners seeking to market their business.
It felt like he combined his coaching and energy training and Natural Super Hero gifts to amalgamatewhat I needed – he was seeing through my eyes and using his gifts!!!- with the result being that everything I was reaching out to him for was addressed. A creative, innovative and outside the box approach to branding, website and effective use of social media for my health & wellbeing business, that truly represents who I am and my vision. A vision which this process assisted me to hone in on even more clearly.

Andrew shone a light on the areas needing development and set me a challenge to grow into, regarding Social Media marketing, empowering me to develop new skills in this area, that will remain with me after our work together is done. It seemed a lot of what I wanted, Andrew had already intuitively picked up on before our first meeting. So I didn't have to explain a lot (which was great because I was concerned about not being able to explain). Andrews natural communication gifts made me feel comfortable and safe which allowed me to be creative and express what I wanted, not just about the marketing but of my Journey with this work as a whole. Making it a truly collaborative, empowering and wholistic experience.

All this meant, we accomplished A LOT in the first meeting. Andrews focus and professionalism added to the efficiency of this result. Everything I needed was simplified and consolidated. I'm left feeling clear, grounded and with direction for the marketing of my business that will have meaning for clients. I have always found the process of marketing to be stifling and boring as it is not my strength or background as a Wellbeing Practitioner. The process with Andrew was FUN!! and creative and INSPIRING. I thank Andrew for this experience.

I wholeheartedly and highly recommend Andrew for Media Mentoring
Emerald Fernandez - Health & Wellbeing Practitioner.

Dear Andrew.

I have been a follower of you on facebook for years now. Though moving into 2017 I knew that I was coming to a point in my life where I needed guidance. Spending time with you was not just a pleasure. Having you reflect back to me the truth of what you saw allowed me to say YES to my vision and purpose even more! It was like you gave me permission to OWN who I am and showed me how to keep translating that to the world.
Being in your presence allows me to go deep within my own being to seek and find inspiration. I now know to use this SUPER POWER of mine as a strength and to not hold it back anymore. I'm unleashing my magic!

I'm so grateful for you! Thank You so much!

Stewart Robertson

Just want to THANK YOU Andrew for inspiring me to believe in being more of myself, and for mentoring me in how to put myself 'out there' in a way that's authentic, potent and uniquely me. Your understanding of social media, today's technology and the art of communication & character development has grounded the 'how' and 'what' of promoting my life's work to a whole new plane of AWESOME!

Men's relationship coach.

Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to thank you so much for assisting me in getting clear on my message and showing me how to deliver that through the power of several social media platforms. After consistently doing as you suggested I've built a following on 3 platforms with very little extra time. I love your unique combination of I.T and universal wisdom! you are a gift!

Andrew Morrissey - An Amazing Modern Day Hero A transformational life coach / visionary / mystic / and so much more. Andrew came into my life and inspired and supported me in seeing clearly my life purpose and mission and how to go about achieving that. I teach Taoist Yoga and do Self Transformational work with private clients. After working with Andrew my entire world expanded in prosperity, clarity and abundance - as if by magic - my students grew, and my work expanded to areas I previously could not imagine. Working with Andrew is a wonderful experience on so many different levels. He is a friend, a mentor, a healer, a visionary - open your heart, listen to his vision, receive his transmission -- then expand your life and work to the next level -- the Time is Now -- your New Life is waiting...!

My soul was ready to come out and play, she had already been through the motions of healing self over the years and had the tools intact for transformation, but there was something missing, the pieces did not seem to fit together. Andrew came along with a message that was unique, yet an Ancient familiarity, time lines started to disappear, yet i was present. The mystery began to unfold right here. Incredibly, the formless started to take shape and became form, inducing manifestation at an pace i have never experienced before. All parts of mySelf began to unite and integrate, unleashing my soul to be expressed in the world. This is not just a dream of the future, yet you feel that this is where you once were but time in the matrix disappears with Andrew, no wonder the title 'Mr Multiverse'. If you are asking for real change, be ready to take action because with Andrew all is possible, from the point of soul blueprints. Truly blessed'.

Norma Saba

I want to express my love and gratitude to you for helping me bust through old patterns of unworthiness to truly see the gifts that are inside me. You have helped inspire me to express and create from a place of potent authenticity that I didn't know I had access to. Your heartfelt care, knowledge of social media, attention to detail, wonderful storytelling ability and character development has given me the tools and the 'know how" to share my gifts and services to the world in way that feels completely aligned. You have a skill for revealing hidden talent in others and communicating your knowledge confidently and clearly. I couldn't have started my new platform of service without you!

David Beaudry Vital Performance Coach and co-founder of Universal Heroes

You know they say the eyes are the doorway to your soul and I found that to be authentically true of Andrew. The first thing I noticed about him is his eyes, how penetrating it was, how I could see into his being, how familiar it was. I felt an instant kinship. I met him at a photography workshop hosted by Azriel Cohen. Andrew was documenting Azriel through the awesome art of video making. It was great timing because I have been wanting to learn to capture a story through this form of art. We both talked about our passion for creating personal and social change through multimedia. I asked him to teach me and he did, without any hesitation, despite his busy schedule! Here is my first attempt at interviewing through the use of video.

Yuko Maskay: Journalist [NEPAL]