Media Packages

Media Packages

1. Personal Branding

Personal branding is the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual.

It’s the association people have to your name. Every tweet you send, every status update you make, every picture you share and even every word you say in the social company contributes to your personal brand. It is an amalgamation of multiple daily actions, as well as your connection to other people and organizations.

Because of social media and our subsequent levels of visibility, personal branding is one of today’s leading career strategy topics and an essential tool for thriving in today’s work environment. It helps you attract business opportunities by playing to your strengths and communicating expertise to your chosen target audience through your online, verbal and networking channels.

A personal brand is there to build trust and dependability while relaying a message of resourcefulness that translates into referrals and relationship-building confidence.

Total investment is $300 (1.5 hours)

  1. Brand identity and message
  2. How to build your personal brand online
  3. Share your message across social media platforms* The Personal branding session is completed over the phone or via Skype.


Andrew, I have been a follower of you on facebook for years now. Though moving into 2017 I knew that I was coming to a point in my life where I needed guidance. Spending time with you was not just a pleasure. Having you reflect back to me the truth of what you saw allowed me to say YES to my vision and purpose even more! It was like you gave me permission to OWN who I am and showed me how to keep translating that to the world.

Being in your presence allows me to go deep within my own being to seek and find inspiration. I now know to use this SUPER POWER of mine as a strength and to not hold it back anymore. I'm unleashing my magic!

I'm so grateful for you! Thank You so much!
Stewart Robertson: Relationship Coach.

2. Social Media Package

The second package I offer is a social media roll-out program that creates micro video and PR-ready "sizzler" reels. This package begins with a comprehensive review of needs and current messaging and proceeds through into a production module that includes professional photos, video content, and interviews. Follow-through strategics will continue after launch, focusing on howto create and maintain an influence throughout your social media presence. We want our clients to receive a tangible upgrade with regards to understanding how they can represent their brand or product across the multiple platforms in the mobile media space.

This package would include videography, photography, editing. (10-15 hours of work)

Video: 1 (2-10 mins)

  1. Social Media Videos: 2 (60 seconds: Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram)
  2. Srt Files (Subtitles)
  3. Still Photography: 3
  4. Location Filming: 3/5 Hours
  5. Music Selection: 1
  6. Branded Graphics 2 (Video Intro + Titles)
  7. Client Testimonials
  8. Three months social media mentoring

Pricing Starts at $3,000 per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months.


Amazing experience working with Andrew Morrissey- pure inspiration, artistic insight, branding genius, fun, sensitive, and most importantly - Andrew is Centered in his Heart - bringing a real care into his production. The film-work he produced, the angles, color captured and the frame - pure art. Highly Recommended.

Jesse Lee Parker. (TaoYoga Jesse)
Director of Tao Yoga Academy (Japan)

3. Branded Video Content.

The custom branded video package is designed for entrepreneurial spirits - thought-leaders who are seeking to bring their personal offerings to media audiences. It includes diving deeper into developing your own origin story, translating your gifts into resonant messaging, and promoting awareness to relevant demographics across the cross-platform landscape, especially social media. Skills training will focus upon a variety of PR/marketing ‘performance’ tools, including how to present yourself through your message, and develop consistent value and genuine connection with your followers, friends, and fans.

Total investment is $4,000

  1. Five videos 3-10 minutes filmed and edited.
  2. On Location Filming: 1.5 Full Days (10-15 Hours)
  3. Music selection: 3
  4. Still Photography
  5. Maximum locations: 2
  6. Branded Graphics

Just want to THANK YOU Andrew for inspiring me to believe in being more of myself, and for mentoring me in how to put myself 'out there' in a way that's authentic, potent and uniquely me. Your understanding of social media, today's technology and the art of communication & character development has grounded the 'how' and 'what' of promoting my life's work to a whole new plane of AWESOME!

Jared Osborne.
Embodying Man.