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Media Ninja - My purpose is simple: to help other people tell their story and build their brands.

In this mobile device-driven social media age, your story - who you are, what you value, your vision for your products and services - is what sets you apart from all other brands. I’m not talking about having a fancy cameraman follow you around with a team of consultants telling you what to say. I’m talking about telling your story, using your authentic voice to create genuine connections with your audience. I have helped people from all over the world - China, Japan, America, and Australia - in telling their stories through the powerful medium of video content.


The 'Superpower' mentoring series is now available exclusively on Vimeo on Demand and Amazon Kindle. These mentoring series are focusing on technologies of consciousness that will inspire individuals to bridge the gap between fantasy (Comic Books) and reality (mind-body-spirit) as they engage with the interactive content: moving from the world of imagination into the world of activation – from possibility into heroic action - and back again.

My approach and skill set has taken two decades of constant work and dedication to perfect. I help people find their most engaging and truest self while building and refining a library of video-and-meme-based creative content that's designed to bring their story to life across social media platforms such as YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.

My name is Andrew Morrissey. Some people call me the media ninja. My purpose is simple: to help other people tell their story and build their brands. Get in touch with me. I would love to work with you in reaching new audiences and generating real opportunities.

Amazing experience working with Andrew Morrissey - pure inspiration, artistic insight, branding genius, fun, sensitive, and most importantly - Andrew is Centered in his Heart - bringing a real care into his production. The film-work he produced, the angles, color captured and the frame - pure art. Highly Recommended.

Jesse Lee Parker (Japan)