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Andrew Morrissey is founder of Mobile Media Ninja and Director of Superhuman Studios, with offices based in Melbourne, Australia. He specializes in guiding individuals through the maze of the modern digital landscape.

Having worked in Japan, China, and other countries throughout South-East Asia for the last five years in a number of creative capacities, he has now returned to his home town in order to continues to produce work which assists personal brands, influencers and start-up businesses in translating their vision and message into a variety of social media platforms.


Our team at Mobile Media Ninja will help you plan, create content and execute your vision using Video to bring your story to life across social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook. We work with start-ups, business owners and artists who are ready to move their branded content to Video.
Just want to THANK YOU Andrew for inspiring me to believe in being more of myself, and for mentoring me in how to put myself 'out there' in a way that's authentic, potent and uniquely me. Your understanding of social media, today's technology and the art of communication & character development has grounded the 'how' and 'what' of promoting my life's work to a whole new plane of AWESOME!

Jared Osborne
Men's relationship coach.

Just got a SONY a6500 | ANDREW MORRISSEY #4

In this video I talk about how my new project 'Mobile Media Ninja' is flowing and what the future looks like. I also talk briefly about the new Sony I got for my Vlogs, this is my first Sony mirrorless. Excited to test it out.