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I make videos, build brands and create online programs for conscious entrepreneurs.

My primarily focus on designing/building my clients' branded video content, social media strategy, and developing their individualized online programs. My primary passion involves supporting visionaries, healers, and coaches, presenting their services to the customer-audience in a way that is uniquely empowering and authentic. I believe that the next generation of inspirational entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. My purpose is to ensure that the individual stands out and conveys their intentions through their own unique voice.


The 'Superpower' mentoring series is now available exclusively on Vimeo on Demand and Amazon Kindle. These mentoring series are focusing on technologies of consciousness that will inspire individuals to bridge the gap between fantasy (Comic Books) and reality (mind-body-spirit) as they engage with the interactive content: moving from the world of imagination into the world of activation – from possibility into heroic action - and back again.

About: Andrew Morrissey is founder of Mobile Media Ninja and Director of Media for Seer Creative Agency, with offices based in Melbourne, Australia. He specializes in guiding individuals through the maze of the modern digital landscape. Having worked in Japan, China, USA, and other countries throughout South-East Asia for the last five years in a number of creative capacities, he has now returned to his home town in order to continue to produce work which assists personal brands, influencers and start-up businesses in translating their vision and message into a variety of branded content, web design, social media, influencer marketing and videos.

Amazing experience working with Andrew Morrissey - pure inspiration, artistic insight, branding genius, fun, sensitive, and most importantly - Andrew is Centered in his Heart - bringing a real care into his production. The film-work he produced, the angles, color captured and the frame - pure art. Highly Recommended.

Jesse Lee Parker (Japan)