My Roadtrip Americana

To understand My Fellow Americans

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Cool spring air poured in and then out through the smoker's windows. My thoughts followed the crisp wind out as my first phase rush wore off, replaced by the curiosity of the second. Each dirt road, each valley between the ridges. Who and what did they hold?
My tool and new flow, On The Road(s) Forgotten Where is our history? When experience flashes so quickly, a slow-to-adapt techno-human cannot remember. Our memories are pre-written, recycled. Our historians have packed tight their ear canals with only the signals that serve formulas of fame's and relevance chase.
America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. - Abraham Lincoln Set aside the over-quoted, seemingly infallible bearded white guy above. We need to jump into some core conclusions on America.
Dare I speak from a general and ever-changing knowledge of US History? Yes, I dare - it has to be said. I have to contribute my 5 cents from the trip's teachings. With boldness I must declare, at risk of imprecision and scrutiny - and all the great adaptation they will produce: I have discovered core, shared values of America.
What a contrast. I felt more at ease, more at home, right away. It was built up as a refuge in my head, a midway point to my journey. I had the expectation and it was met. The contrast from the anger...