Turning fifty is a critical point in a man's ageing process. A time when you should be gracefully entering the summer of your life, satisfied that you're gotten to where you're going or very nearly there and able to find new spiritual meaning in your life.

For me, its what I call my seven stages of man crisis as I can hardly justify calling it a midlife crisis. Faced with the thought of your own mortality and that there will be less days ahead than behind, clearly the logical thing to do is want to take up amateur boxing. The psychology is simple - Canute like denial of the inevitable, spurred on by the excuse of wanting to be at the most physically fit you've been at in over ten years.

I started training in January with a view to fighting in November. It's April when I published this. I'm ten kilos lighter, training one to two hours a day. I used to play amateur ice hockey and thought that was tough sport until I started training for boxing, which is a total sport.