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2016 All the Gear #4 Madrid to Toulouse

This was probably our most challenging ATG ride as we wound up riding nearly 1,000km amd climbing 14,000m over the Pyrenees. We did it over about ten days, got rained on, snowed on, sunburnt, experienced the Caminode Santiago pilgrimage and the remarkable Pamplona.

2015 All the Gear #3 Provence

This was myself and my youngest son Connor, starting in Avignon with rented bikes after a monumental mix up at the Eurostar station in London where we had to ditch our own bikes and make new plans on the fly. We travelled through the heart of Provence from Avignon to Montpelier, through the Camargue national park towards the roman city of Arles and Isles Sur La Sorgue.

2013 All the Gear #2 St Malo to Barcelona

This began with a ferry to St Malo and headed south until we hit the stunning Loire river and valley before turning down to Poitiers and re-connecting with the canal du Midi until we hit Toulouse and the astonishing Carcassone then Perpignan and the Pyrenee and on to Barcelona.

2012 All the Gear #1 Bordeaux to Montpelier

This was my first one of these and a bit of a gentle break in at 600km and following a largely flat route. Having no concept of what it took I’d been wholly inadequately prepared, which was confirmed when I face-planted at the end of day one having hit 140km in 35 degree heat. The rest of the journey went swimmingly, learning how to do camping and realising that cycling these kind of distances isn’t as hard as you think.