Day One - Malmo to Holby

Today was a warm up day, enduring Gatwick South Terminal before hitting Copenhagen and a quick journey to Malmo. After a 4am wake up, it was 3.30pm before we finally got on the road and headed north towards Stockholm.

Today was only planned as 60km but these things have a habit of going hideously wrong and turning into a mission. However, the Swedes are renowned for many things, including accuracy and efficiency and we actually achieved part one, on time and in time, hitting the first of our lakeside resorts at 6.30.

The ride was spectacularly easy, gps calculators worked, we didn’t take a single wrong turn and had the joy of a tailwind making life easier.


If you’ve ever been to Sweden, one of the things you notice is the language. You recognise the letters, except for a few vandalised A’s and O’s, but as a whole, things are largely indecipherable, often sounding like body parts or body functions or verging on the violent with words that shout at you like BLIK or KORV or SPLINKY SPLINKY OY!


Getting to the resort 10km and 30 minutes earlier than Strava told us.

The stunning view of the lake and the sunset.


Discovering that the manufacturer of the new cycling shorts you purchased has diversified into making shorts of different denier, with all the associated opacity. I now know what sheer means and feel ready for my role in the line-up of Cameo. Word up!

The Strava Tale of the tape