All the Gear

One of the obvious things you want to be aware of is the overall weight of everything you are cycling and carrying with you, not least of which is the bike itself that can range between about 7kg and 20kg and makes a noticeable difference.

Having done this a few times, I’ve switched between ultra lite, inadequately and overpacked and have yet to still get it quite right. It’s actually remarkably hard to predict accurately what you need, largely down to the ambient temperatures of where you are, particularly at night.

The gear you take will probably be broken down into four groups - clothing, bike spares, camping, hygiene & miscellaneous. Here’s an example of a typical list of what you need. This lot weighs under 9kg.

Sam Gear List

Clothes: Cycling shorts, tops & socks x 2 (washed daily), Linen shirt, trousers, shorts & t-shirt (x 2), Cycling shoes & flip flops, Rain jacket, beanie, gloves, socks etc

Hygiene: Lite towel, shampoos etc, First Aid Kit, Creams & Insect repellant, Bike Butter (Google it)

Camping: Tent, Bed, Bag, Pillow

Bike stuff: Pump, lights, tyres, zip ties, Allen keys, spokes, chain tool puncture kit, lock

Misc: Passport etc, phone & mount, solar & other chargers

Adam Gear List

The other thing is carting your bike and gear onto a plane. You can expect to pay around £50 each way and have to follow a set of rules where you dismantle, box and wrap the bike and store all the luggage as well. Once you’ve done it a few times its not as tough as you think but you have to protect key parts of the bike or you can expect to find dents and breakages thanks to the baggage controllers.