About Us


This year we have an addition so we are now formally a finely honed team of athletes (I can confirm this as my Strava URL says so), although I believe we are technically still short of Peloton status.

The three of us have and have had various senior level roles in the corporate world and originally met through work but have formed great friendship that goes way beyond. As such, we qualify to sit in the Master’s Division of Le Tour (with a combined age that is greater than a Little League five a side tournament).

I hit 50 last summer, inducing a kind of late-mid life crisis as opposed to the perpetual mid-life crisis that has dogged me for a long time now. For the last threeyears I’ve operated my own agency and am now used to a very different way of living and being. Sport has always been a part of my life, although I was never actually that good at it. I played ice hockey for years and always cycled as part of a general fitness regime for that. Now its my main sport, apart from a bizarre challenge to finally partake in my first boxing match the end of this year.


Sam is the veteran of the trip, having done seven or eight of these. He’s also a highly qualified mountaineer and outdoorsman. I met Sam when we worked together previously and formed a great friendship. We have a largely similar mindset and have always gotten on well. Sam also runs his own business now after a very high flying career in corporate marketing.


Simon is the new kid on the block. A career publishing professional and senior level board director of a major global publisher. He’s extremely well travelled, a great night out and has done his own long distance rides so will get along swimmingly.