Alexander accepts private students for vocal, dramatic and interpretation coaching as well as giving visiting masterclasses and workshops for educational institutions, corporate bodies, choral societies and orchestras. He is a consultant for various clients and a Visiting Fellow of the University of Aberdeen.

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Gothenburg Opera Studio

During his career, Alexander has given educational courses and masterclasses to varying age groups all over the UK. From introducing the public or local schools to opera and operetta with fun performance based workshops, to specialist masterclasses at top UK institutions, Alexander is experienced at teaching all age groups in both singing and stagecraft helping performers make the transition into their respective industries, whether it be opera, concert, musical theatre, rock or pop. Popular singing styles as well as stagecraft / drama techniques and interpretation (roles / monologues / song) are all considered in his teaching methods and are adapted to the student while always based on the bel canto principles passed down from his singing teachers via the Ricci line, developing healthy vocalisation and appoggio, whilst developing strength, flexibility and range.

Previous students include opera singers, musical theatre singers, pop and rock artists under the Sony and Decca music labels, and choristers whose parents wish to audition them in major choir schools: due to his own experiences as a chorister, Alexander has a specialised knowledge in the breaking voice.

With a continuous 33 years professional singing experience, 15 years teaching experience and having worked with voice specialists at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London for over 3 years, Alexander has additional knowledge of vocal issues that may need vocal rehabilitation. Maintenance, healthy vocal habits and awareness of the voice and body are all focussed areas.

Alexander also applies his knowledge of English and English repertoire to foreign singers, speakers and institutions. Most recently coaching the chorus and soloists of the Göteborg Opera, Sweden.

Alexander is a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, The Guild of the Companions of St Paul, Equity and Symf.