2 Looks & 2 retouched prints — 150-200 shots $425

3 Looks & 3 retouched prints — 200-225 shots $475

Stylistically I like to shoot exteriors but with lighting which helps even out the look. Many times I will shoot in and around my house, but we can shoot anywhere that has depth and architectural interest. Generally we’ll shoot until we feel we have something great. Normally that takes about 90 Mins - 2 Hours. I’ll work with you to identify the type of shot you are trying to achieve. I’ll learn your face and angles and together we’ll figure out what makes you look good while staying true to what you look like because casting directors and producers hate seeing someone who doesn’t look anything like their headshot. I normally like to work alone and light as I go. That gives me a chance to get to know you too. If you want to work with a makeup artist lets talk about that and either you can arrange or I can make a recommendation for an additional fee for the HMU artist.

If you are looking for additional touched up prints they are $25 each.