My approach to headshots

“Why don’t actors ever look like their pictures?”

I’m always trying to see something my subject doesn’t see, to look behind the eyes. Headshots are about an attitude, not necessarily the way you look. When I’m shooting I’m looking for something on the inside, maybe a secret that my subject doesn’t reveal often. My passion for photography was inspired by my step father Michael Ward. He was a very esteemed arts photographer in the UK and when I was young he taught me how to print, back in the days of B&W and darkrooms. I have a perspective on shooting actors that is a little unique. I was an actor myself for over 15 years working consistently in London and New York. While working I studied photography in London, doing exhibits, shooting headshots with a foray here and there into press photography. About 15 years ago I moved out of that world and into TV and Film production as an AD, then director and producer and writer. I’ve sat on the other side of the table making casting decisions and complaining “Why don’t actors ever look like their pictures?” These days I’m writing a lot, producing as little as possible and directing some passion projects.

My passion for photography has been renewed in recent times and I am shooting again. Technical advances are inspiring and I’m finding a quiet peace in shooting with friends and strangers.