Taking Alan Turings legacy to an end we cannot distinguish between device and person. What is being selected as communication is better pierced-through if traveling with analytical tools such as 138, providing overview and some sense by emphasizing our narrative in time (our story) and our social handles as deeply connected emotions.

The objective, if any, is to find a place of calming happiness such as the one people claim to have found around Jetzun Milarepa’s cave in the Tibetan Himalayas.

Milarepa’s simplicity of human emotions is enlightening for those who dare to apply it. This system assumes that worldly concerns are to be avoided, and that they come in 4 pairs. Western adaptations have conveniently forgotten about the fourth one and only distinguished a material, a sensible and an appraisal/reputational dimension. The fourth one is a learning dimension: we hear about things or people in our environment, which either contribute to a sense of it being good or bad.