Wanderer. Adventurer. Diver. Lifter. Dad. More...

My Grid journey begins here

It didn’t make sense to say ‘My Journey Begins Here’ because it hasn’t. My journey began a long while back but didn’t even realize it then. So here I am, continuing on my journey to find my way across life. So just to get you caught up, I’m a tattooed dad, wanderer, dreamer, adventurer, diver, lifter, and more.

Cool dad’s don’t have to have tattoos, they only need to be cool in the eyes of their children. I’m tattooed. I’m inked. I’m in my own skin and love it — so does my son. Almost all of my tattoo’s have a personal meaning or story behind it and perhaps I’ll elaborate on each of them at some point on here. So while I might be tattooed and scruffy looking, which carry their own taboos in some cultures and parts of the world, I try to be the best role model for him no matter what those taboos are or what people say or think.

Sometimes I feel like I’m wandering aimlessly through life, focused on one thing to the next with no in-between. Other times, people think I’m dreaming. To be truthful, life is a big learning experience for me and I continue to grow and learn along the way. Dreaming after all is only a state of your mind wandering.

From the Great Pyramids to the Colosseum, the Baja Desert to the statue of Jesus in Rio, I’ve been on many great adventures. Along the way I learned Scuba Diving and ever since I feel at home in the salt water.

Oh yeah, and I lift too! Do you? Just received this double-D handle from Amazon today to help with T-bar lifts and it is awesome!