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You are facing a difficult choice when you are trying to find out which type of luggage will be good for your next trip? Either you should carry a two wheeled or a four wheeled spinner luggage? Each of one share its own individual pros and cons. In order to make your decision more easy let’s take a deep look at each one of them.

A two-wheeled luggage is a space provider suitcase as it allows more packing room inside the bag as compare to the four-wheeled bags. It is also less expensive and weigh less. And because you are pulling them instead of pushing you can wheel them over just about any surface. It is more durable and has less parts to break. Wheels are stronger, protected and can easily glide over anything.


Two wheel bags are good, but in a meantime, it can be slightly difficult to carry for some travelers especially senior ones. Because you are pulling the bag behind you so they can put a little more pressure on your joints. Their wheels make them easy to roll or slide but still you have to manage some of the weight. It also more difficult to manage in small spaces.


Four wheeled luggage (also known as spinners) is considered as more stylish, coolest and easier to move. The best thing about spinner luggage bags is that they don’t require much control or strength from you. It offers seamless mobility. It helps travelers with joint issues by reducing the pressure off from your wrist and elbow. The suitcase is more likely to stand on its own because of its four wheels. Some models even provide additional stability feature, especially on sloped surface which allow travelers to have more control without exaggerating more energy. It also glides easily across the smooth surface. As they are easier to shimmy sideways down an airplane aisle frequent travels love them.  Four wheels luggage can also be used as two wheels if needed to.


A part from style and looks, wheeling a 4 wheeled bag on an uneven surface can be quite overwhelming. The wheels of the bag are more likely to get damaged too. The wheels are smaller and simpler than a two wheels luggage. 

There is no clear winner when it comes to decide which one is better. But we have provided you all the necessary information, based on your individual traveling need we hope that you will choose your best one.

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Disneyland is a place full of fun little secret details, quirks, and experiences for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Most of them remain hidden for the casual guest but if you search for these hidden treasures it will really enhance your adventure at Disney. With all of the blog and books dedicated to the secrets to Disneyland we know that a lot of the secrets are well known by some of the “die hard” Disney fans but here are some things you might not know.

 First, let’s start off with this winner! The hidden Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster target, in the second room during the ride, Zurg will be standing there. When he turns and moves his cape, we then see a small “Z” on his chest. You might think it is not a target because it looks slightly different than the other ones, but this one is worth 50,000 points! This target is a tough shot but if you hit it the points will definitely wrack up.

Next, Cinderella’s Castle is a wonderful place for you to take a memorable picture; even more so while it is decorated. By the way you can still catch it for the Diamond Celebration or if you wait till mid-November you will see the castle (and whole entire park) decorated for Christmas. While most visitors take their photos right in front of the castle you can avoid people walking in front of your picture right at the best moment if you walk down the path to the right. On top of there being less traffic, from this side angle your picture will look like you are closer to the castle than you really are.  On the other hand, sometime during your visit when you do walk in front of Cinderella’s Castle be sure to look down at your feet and search for the Disney Time Capsule, the big day it will be opened is on Disneyland's 80th anniversary: July 17, 2035.

 Also, did you know you can get a “Death Certificate” as a souvenir from The Haunted Mansion? When you first enter the mansion and are in the foyer ask the host or hostess if you can get one. Then, all you have to do is go back after the ride and they should have it ready for you! This also works at The Jungle Cruise, after you ride the cruise you can ask for a free map.

This is another fun one, (I can’t attest this completely, as I haven’t tried to consume them all) all of the plants in Tomorrowland is supposed to be edible. The idea behind this starts with Tomorrowland’s original role to offer a piece of the future and show a better tomorrow for America.

 After you have ridden a few of your favorite rides and are going to be wanting a tangy but sweet treat, your next stop will probably be to grab a Dole Whip. It is around the corner from Aladdin's Oasis and the line usually wraps all the way around the corner. Here is a little trick though, you can go in the Tiki Hut Theatre and get in the line for the back side for Dole Whip! There will most likely still be a line, but it is usually way shorter. Then you can have a seat right in there at some of the benches and enjoy your dole whip

 Lastly, another fun activity to do while going to Disneyland is to do Disney Bounding. Disney Bounding is a wonderful and creative way for you to dress up like your favorite princess or character for the day, you just need to wear normal everyday clothes. For example, if you wanted to be Snow White you would wear yellow shorts or skirt and a blue top with red accessories. You can dress up as anyone: Mickey, Peter Pan, or Flynn Rider and you can do a group theme like the Princesses or Alice in Wonderland characters. Disney Bounding is for everyone, but mainly for kids or adults over the age of fourteen because that is the cut off age of dressing up in a legit costume. If you feel like you need some inspiration for an outfit there are lots of people on Instagram or Pinterest that post pictures of their favorite outfits.

 This list is to help your first or next trip to the happiest place on earth be a fun and memorable trip. If you are still interested in this topic there are loads of blog and books dedicated to the study of Disneyland secrets. Get your backpack ready and Enjoy!

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Who needs a backpack? Everyone! Even if you are not a person who’d love to go hiking, you are a person who travel from time to time and you surely need a good backpack. Each and every one of us needs a backpack every now and then. Emilio Estevez once said “There is a part of me that still wants to go out and grab a backpack.” However, a backpack becomes a headache when there is too much load and it is the exact time when one wishes to have wheels underneath their backpack. Viajway TrolleyMate X316 Wheeled Backpacks were made in a sleek and stylish way; they carry a lot of weight without complaining.

You would also love the travel backpack offered by Viajway because it makes your airport travelling a lot easier than before. You can drag it from one place to another without having to carry it in your hands or on your shoulder. It is a perfect travel companion with the finest and sturdiest material. The wheels and the handle of this travel backpack can be easily removed with a screwdriver.

Who’d not love such an amazing trolley backpack which is a perfect travel companion for every type of person? If you are a university student, you would love to get this backpack with wheels because it is made of durable material, and yet it is compact, spacious and easy to carry. You’d also love to take these wheeled backpacks to your office. They can easily accommodate your documents, laptop, any stationery and any other gadgets! And oh! If you only prefer the hygienic food made at home, these backpacks will certainly contain your lunchbox too. Students and business people love Viajway TrolleyMate X316 wheeled backpacks because they store everything they need at their workplace.

The product reviews show that Pharmaceutical Reps simply love our amazing, stylish and easy to travel wheeled backpacks. They have to move from one clinic to another and one hospital to another; they end up going home with bruised shoulders and unbearable back pain. Viajway TrolleyMate X316 wheel backpack makes it easy for them to simply pull the handle and drag the backpack on wheels. Now they can store all the medicine in this compact and yet spacious backpack, drag it from one to another place and go home happy.

This backpack is ideal for hikers too! Yes, we know; you cannot drag this wheel backpack on hills, but you have to do a lot of hitchhiking. This travel backpack makes it easy for you hikers to walk on the empty, gray road and wait for someone to offer you a lift to your destination. Hikers have to load a lot on their back and we believe that unless there is no others choice, they should be able to drag their load on wheels. This wheeled backpack serves that exact purpose. Drag it as long as you can and when you see that it’s not possible to drag it due to the rocky terrain or else, load it on your back; it is very comfortable to load.

Are you constantly on the move? Do you mostly travel by air?

Well, then you must be well-versed with 3-1-1 liquids rule by Transport Security Administration (TSA). And, that’s why I’ve brought you TSAapproved travel bottles that will not only make your travel easier but will also allow you to carry your favorite lotions, shampoos, salad dressings and condiments without any leakage and outburst during travel, especially when you’re on a flight.

 Before we discuss how this TSA travel bottle set benefits you, let’s quickly know what TSA liquid regulations are:

The 3-1-1 Liquids Rule

The TSA 3-1-1 Liquids Rule says that liquids, aerosols, creams, gels, and pastes that you pack in your carry-on bag shouldn’t be more than 3.4 ounces per container or 100 milliliters per container.

Whether its personal care items like tooth paste, shampoos, gels, lotions etc. or consumables such as gems, peanut butter, water bottles, everything should comply with the TSA set liquids rule.

3 means 3 ounce containers or smaller

1 means 1 quartz-size, clear plastic bag

1 means 1 bag per traveler

So, according to 3-1-1 rule all liquids you want to carry should be filled into one quartz size, transparent, plastic, zip-top bag. And, please note that only one such plastic bag is allowed during travelling!

Carry-on Bag

Containers that are 3.4 ounces (or 100ml) or less should be packed in a 1 quart-sized plastic bag to be kept in your carry-on and passed through checkpoint security.

However, there’re a few exceptions in case you’ve some special needs or you’ve kids travelling with you.

You can carry prescription and over-the-counter medicines, baby formula, juice, breast milk, and other essentials in quantities bigger than 3.4 ounces in you carry-on bag.

But, please present these liquids at the checkpoint security as officers might ask you for alternative screening in this case.

Checked Bag

Containers bigger than 3.4 ounces (or 100ml) irrespective of amount inside should be placed in your checked baggage.

So, pack your liquids accordingly so that it eases your screening process at the checkpoint.

That being said, let’s see how TSA approved travel bottles can help you at the time of screening:

TSA Travel Bottle Set

Made out of best quality, leak proof silicone, these TSA approved travel bottlescome with a supreme quality, clear vinyl bag.  Celebrated as the best TSA approved toiletry bag, this product consists of two 85 ml bottles and two 55 ml bottles in different colors.

While different colors facilitate easy identification of items, the material feels great in hands. Besides, their ease of use makes them a perfect TSA travel bottle set.

Here are a few highlights of this one-of-its-kind TSA toiletry bag:

100% Leak proof With well sealed caps, you can rest assured of any leakage and fully protect your content during travelling.

Eco Friendly Designed out of liquid silicone, these food grade bottles are BPA free & FDA approved. And, therefore these bottles are perfect for storing all kinds of liquid items, even eatables as well.

Superior Quality Bag Free of cost, this 7×5 clear, vinyl bag is ideal for any TSA security check as all the bottles can be seen easily. Features like zipper and reinforced stitches add to its durability.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best TSA approved toiletry bag today and make your travelling hassle-free in no time!

Conozcan la TrolleyMate X316 Wheeled Backpack: Lo mejor de la maleta y la mochila con Ruedas

No tienen ni idea de lo que habría deseado que las wheeled backpack o mochilas con ruedas existieran durante mi niñez y adolescencia. Si alguna vez han tenido que cargar una mochila llena de libros a cuestas para ir a la escuela o la universidad saben a qué me refiero. 

La mochila con ruedas TrolleyMate X316 de Viajway habría sido una gran solución en mis años de estudiante, porque cuenta con las ventajas de una maleta de la que puedes tirar o empujar y de una mochila para llevar a la espalda. 

Algunos recurren a las tradicionales maletas con ruedas ¿Pero no te has encontrado en zonas donde es incómodo desplazarse con las ruedas o te resulta pesado llevarla de la manilla lateral? En esos momentos nada como una mochila que puedes ponerte en la espalda y superar esos terrenos incómodos, además de llevar la carga con más facilidad. 

De igual forma ¿No llega un momento en que llevar el peso a la espalda resulta cansado y molesto? Allí es cuando las ruedas se convierten en la solución. Este tipo de mochilas con ruedas es lo mejor de dos mundos y resulta conveniente para todo tipo de personas. 

Y la TrolleyMate X316 Wheeled Backpack no es útil solo para un estudiante. Aquellas personas que viajan constantemente, hombres de negocios, representantes farmacéuticos o personas que venden puerta a puerta y por supuesto, si eres un aventurero que se va constantemente de excursión, encontrarán en este tipo de mochila con ruedas un acompañante ideal. 

En el caso de la TrolleyMate X316, cuenta con compartimientos que facilitan el empacar y permiten que encuentres fácilmente todo lo que guardes en ella, lo cual la hace muy conveniente. Para los excursionistas uno de los grandes problemas de esas grandes mochilas que usan es justamente lo difícil que es encontrar algo dentro de ellas, problema que se soluciona por completo con esta. 

Además, si al llevarla como mochila te resulta incómodo por las ruedas, ese problema se soluciona fácilmente, pues la TrolleyMate X316 Wheeled Backpack cuenta con la opción de remover las ruedas por completo cuando se necesite emplear sólo como mochila por un período extendido de tiempo. Solo con quitar un tornillo ya se transforma en una mochila normal.

En cambio, si lo que necesitas es evitar llevar el peso a la espalda, es el perfecto equipaje para un viajero porque puedes quitártela y arrastrarla usando las ruedas por el aeropuerto o mientras caminas por la calle y si vienen unas escaleras, simplemente la vuelves a usar como mochila.

 Para los niños en edad escolar la TrolleyMate X316 es perfecta, porque si llevan una carga muy pesada para ellos, pueden simplemente arrastrarla y si va más liviana usarla como mochila. Sus compartimientos internos te permitirán llevar una laptop, y cuentan con una abertura para dejar salir el cable de tus auriculares. Sus correas son cómodas a la hora de llevarla en la espalda y sus cierres son de excelente calidad, por lo que no se estropean con facilidad.

 Son una compra más que recomendada y con un costo muy accesible, y con tantas ventajas ¿Qué hay que pensar? Ya sea que vayas de viaje, a la escuela, de excursión o a la oficina, la TrolleyMate X316 Wheeled Backpack es el compañero ideal.

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Nombre: TrolleyMate X316

Modelo # WB16040101

UPC: 694263713359

Dimensiones: 50 x 35 x 20 CM

Peso: 2.14KGs or 4.72LBs 

Peso de Envío:  Unas 6 libras

Materiales: 70% Polyester/30% Fiber Yar, Aluminio, Plastico

Origen: China

Travelling is a refreshing and totally relaxing moment for all of us. We make sure that nothing becomes a hindrance to our travel plans and that we reach our destination in a hassle-free way. However, before we decide to embark on the journey of our dreams, it is quite essential to note down all the travel safety requirements are fulfilled. This includes packing your luggage in an efficient way so as to not forget anything. Nothing worries us more as the thought of leaving some important items behind. We rummage through our luggage and often even mishandle it.

People hardly give any attention to their luggage bags and forget that their most important travel buddies need to be looked after incase they give up on you at the most crucial time! We wouldn’t that now would we? Simple and minimal upkeep is necessary to extend the life of your backpack and also to avoid extra spending on a new kit when your old one can do just fine with a little bit of care.

Backpack maintenance is vital for its durability.

Luggage Storage

If you store your luggage in the attic or basement or in typically closed spaces, make sure to let it out once a while and allow it to get some air. Usually backpacks that are stored for long time tend o collect residue of dirt and mildew as a result of humidity. This muck then diminishes its life. In order to avoid this, keep a regular check ban on your backpack!

Fabric Care

Usually suitcase and backpacks have special and strong coating with a thick durable backing to support all your items – fragile or not. However fabric maintenance is necessary because it can collect dust and dirt due to repetitive use and needs to be properly cleansed, to rid of any bacteria that may eventually make way onto your clothes!

Never put them in a washer or dryer as that can be the first route to disaster. The best way to handle it is to first dust it off with a dry cloth and then take a damp cloth and wipe it gently across its surface. For tougher stains that are hard to reach, you may consult a dry cleaner.

Wheeled Products

Wheeled backpacks needs a bit of extra care as they tend to dismantle due to rough use. The wheels get worn out due to friction and so try and clean them with a wet cloth and oil its hinges if they start to creak or seem difficult to budge. Don’t wash them in the dryer or washer as they can get damaged for life.

Keeping the easy-to-do techniques in view, you can restore your backpacks to looking brand new in no time and will also extend their shelf life which may diminish due to neglect. Regular upkeep of your luggage will also save you from spending extra cash from investing in another luggage when you can do with your old one just fine!

It is all a matter of responsible backpack maintenance!

Traveling is amongst the most enjoyable and pleasurable experiences. No matter whether it is a family trip, holiday vacation or business trip – most of us love to explore the new boundaries. But at a mean time, travelling also brings certain challenges and one of them is selecting the personal items.  Going with just what you can carry offers a level of flexibility and ease, but most individuals are not aware regarding the airline rules for personal items. Many airlines don’t publish the rules of personal items they allow which make travelers more confused.

According to the airline policies or rules the personal items which a traveler is allowed to bring in the cabin during a flight includes,

  • Small backpacks or carry-on bags
  • Laptop with its charger or accessories
  • Briefcase, purse, pocket bag, shoulder bag or handbag
  • Camera bag
  • Umbrella
  • Hat, coat or jacket
  • Blanket or pillow
  • Drinks or food purchased after clearing the security
  • Newspaper or books
  • Merchandise (duty-free)
  • Stroller, diaper bag, FAA approved safety seat for ticketed or lap kid
  • Prayer rug (3 x 2 size in maximum)

The rules for the size of carry-on items vary just as the rules for the types of item differ that you can bring. The standard size rule is that your carry-on item should be able to fit under the seat in front of you. More accurately the maximum dimension for your carry-on items such as backpack, small items, laptop bag or shoulder bag are 22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm which are approx. 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches.

Many big airlines including Qantas, Singapore, air New Zealand and Emirates airline don’t display any particular dimensions for personal belongings. It is in your best interest that you check your airline policies before boarding in order to avoid any unwanted situation. As far as your carry-on luggage, the more you carry light stuff with you, the less likely is to draw the attention of the gate officials.

Spirit Airlines has a dimension requirement for personal items and it is the only item that you can bring free on their airplanes. Spirit Airlines personal item dimension cannot exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches.

Things to Consider:

  • Make sure to carry items that are smaller in appearance.
  • If you have a bulky bag, try to downsize in a size that is looks enough and flatten it around your body so it look like your personal carry-on item.
  • Try to carry those items that can easily fit under your seat not in the overhead bin especially when you have already placed your main carry-on there.

 The TrolleyMate X316 Wheeled Backpack can be an excellent solution for carry-on or personal item. For carry-on, just install the wheels and handle and use it as a regular luggage. To use it as personal item, make sure you remove the wheels and handle and do not over pack the backpack. The backpack is flexible when is not over packed and can be easily placed under the seat of the airline, but it all depends on how much staff you packed into the backpack.

Airlines Checked Baggage Regulations

Checked baggage or checked bags refer to the passenger’s luggage delivered to an airplane for transportation during the flight. The baggage is limited by the airlines with regards to its weight, size, dimension, items it carries and numbers, usually depend upon the class of ticket or fare paid. The regulations for checked bags always depend on the airline from which you are traveling. In order to provide you a clear comprehension, we are providing all the information related to the checked luggage regulations of top airlines.


Emirates is considered as one of the best in executing the baggage policies. It allows its passengers to carry 50kg of checked bags if you are traveling from first class, 40 kg for business class travelers and if you are traveling from economy class you can check in 30 kg of luggage. These weights do not apply to itineraries including South America, central or north America.


Depending on the class of travel and the type of ticket you booked, British Airways has a free checked baggage allowance which varies accordingly. The standard dimension for checked bags in British Airways cannot exceed by 56 x 45 x 25 cm including the pockets, wheels, handles and the laptop bag or second bag cannot go beyond the 45 x 36 x 20 cm dimension.

Routes which are operated by the other airlines on behalf of British airways may have other luggage regulations. While in some situations the airplanes utilized by these airlines are discrete than those utilized by the British Airways, so the size and weight limits are low due to the limited cabin space.


The standard dimension for checked baggage, including length + height + width is 158cm which is 62 inches including wheels and handle. According to the airline regulations the maximum weight for checked luggage is based on the passenger status or time of check-in and the class of service.


According to the air France checked bag regulations the airplane luggage must comply with the specified dimensions which is 55 x 35 x 25 cm including handles, pockets and wheels. You will be liable to pay an extra fee if your luggage exceeds from the authorized weight 23 kg or from 158 cm including length + height + width. Checked baggage on air France airplanes cannot weigh more than 32 kg, luggage exceeding from this limit will not be permitted to fly. Travelers are also allowed to bring one personal item (such as handbag, backpack, laptop, briefcase etc.). The aggregate weight of the 2 items cannot exceed from 12 kg.

Always check the airline website for updated information.

Multi-functional Briefcase Laptop Backpack and Travel Bag Viajway

Solo Hybrid Briefcase Laptop Backpack for Men and Women

  • Double stitching for durability
  • Key ring
  • Section for pens and pencils
  • Two side zippers
  • Compartment closed with zippers for organizing
  • Two handles and one shoulder straps
  • Easy to convert into backpack or briefcase
  • Elegant colors
  • Dimension: 40L x 28H x 9D cm

Where to buy?