The Regency Romantics series was conceived as an experiment in writing Georgian/Regency inspired stories, with plots often lifted directly from period sources. Sweet Errors is a take on the 1790 Mozart/Da Ponte opera Cosi Fan Tutte; The Coxcombs is a gender-flipped take on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. (Literary fans — see if you can guess them all!)

Notwithstanding this, some of the stories do have original plots, such as In The Fire, which was inspired by the allegations of Goethe’s novel The Sorrows of Young Werther (1774) having provoked multiple cases of suicide. In turn, Pursuit was inspired by surplus plot elements from In the Fire, which were then utilized to construct that second book.

The ROMANTICS element was chosen as the descriptive element because all of the tales are nominally romances, and clean ones at that (thus romantic rather than sexy or erotic.) Additionally the artistic movement known as “Romanticism” began during this period, and it helped to designate the period setting.

The 9 novellas were written in a flurry of typing and editing which lasted from August 2016 through January 2017. The “Penny Dreadful” style is a deliberate choice of the author, meant again to evoke the tendencies of 18th and 19th century literature. Although the books are numbered in a series, they can be read in any order: the storylines are not continuous.

The daughter of an eminent scientist, Jane Pitt falls for her father’s moody, thoughtful and Werther-obsessed assistant; but her father has other plans, and against her will forces her into a marriage with the pleasant but unappealing clergyman Francis Buckingham. Will she find some means of escape from this compelled marriage, or will she be forever barred from the man who has claim to her heart?

Unusual, sentimental, and often tragic, In The Fire tugs at the reader’s heartstrings, while its intriguing duo of leading men grip the reader into a strange and wonderfully unexpected Regency world.

Hyacinth Porteuse is the belle of Edinburgh, but her betrothed has run away to greener pastures in London. With her father’s blessing and her brother’s assistance, she journeys south to abduct her faithless fiancé and to force him to keep his promise — whether he is willing or not.

Unusual, subversive and entertaining, this fabulous tale takes you on an exciting and comical journey through the rougher side of Regency life.

Upright and innocent, Honoria Wright is the illegitimate daughter of an unknown Marquess. She has reached a marriagable age, and her caretaker, Rev. Mr. Burney, hopes she will win a fine husband befitting her lineage. She makes her debut in the city of Bath, but what are her hopes of finding happiness when the city’s lenient attitudes have bred such immoral gentlemen as she encounters?

A comic read measured in heartfelt situations, Honoria is certain to charm the reader with its wonderfully humorous dialogue and vibrant depiction of Regency-era Bath.

Gentlemen by birth and cash-strapped by fate, brothers Edward, Henry and George have been given one purpose in life: to marry wealthy ladies so they can literally keep their family afloat in the crumbling Damascome Castle, which is situated over a bog. Their foppish ways and famous fortune-hunting have given them a reputation for being mere gold-diggers — but sunny and sociable Joanna and her sister, the gloomy ur-Goth Isabella, are not your typical well-bred ladies. Can the Goodfellows prevent their own vanity and desperation from standing in the way of love?

Laced with subversive humor and sweet romance, The Coxcombs is an unforgettable time with the offbeat but lovable Goodfellows and the Regency’s high citizenry.

High-minded and artistic, Pamela Born is the daughter of one of London’s wealthiest businessmen; but she disdains commerce and abhors titles. Her frustrated father guesses her feelings to stem from the great stage actor Robert Tallivent, with whom he mistakenly believes she has fallen in love. In order to change her mind, he arranges for Tallivent to disgust her at a dinner party; but unbeknownst to the father, Tallivent himself has fallen in love with Pamela!

A light-hearted and fast-paced comical read, None But Fools delightfully depicts the inhabitants of Regency London in a conflict of business against art, and tradition against joy.

Lady Agnes Rowereigh has known all her life that it is her duty to marry well and make a man happy, and she has eagerly devoted herself to this path; but when she meets the famous womanizer Viscount Winthrope, she experiences a joy and passion she has never known before. The only problem? She is already married to Sir Howard Rowereigh.

A heartwarming and subversively dramatic tale, Of Crimson Joy grabs the reader into a world where dreams come true, even if they happen too late.

Charlotte Corstorphine lives with her widowed mother and two sisters in the worst house on Edinburgh’s New Street; but when she receives news that her deceased uncle has left his entire fortune to her husband, her problems may be solved — her only obstacle is that she has no husband. She now must race against the clock to find a man who will marry her — and who will not leave her regretting the decision.

A fun and exciting read, Hap & Hastiness is an amusing and comical love story that will make you smile at the heroine’s plight, and marvel at the scenic capital described.

When the intelligent Emma Cates and the sensitive Joshua Langley agree to marry, they are stunned to discover that her father will not permit the union. Shirking both responsibility and decency, the couple run away with the hope that they might marry at the Scottish border; but Mr. Cates is not willing to see his plans for Emma so readily ruined. With her intended match by his side, father and fiancé pursue the couple, planning prevent their marriage by any means necessary.

A love story that is both gripping and action-packed, Pursuit depicts the dangers of historical travel and the obstacles faced by those who live in a society run by principals of honor above individuality.

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