Sk8Skins GromSquad

For Kids 12 and Under

CLICK HERE or on the logo to sign up.

Mission Statement – “Having fun, Paying it Forward by helping others, striving for excellence, and progressing in focus, effort, and tricks.”

Purpose – To bring Groms together to have lots of fun, and under the guidance of their parents, join the Sk8Skins family for connecting, belonging, learning, and positive influence in life.

This is not just for skaters. Groms from other activities are welcomed to be part of the GromSquad.

After signup, you will receive a personal promo code in an email to use for a discount on Sk8Skins products when ordering from You can also share this code with friends for them to use when ordering. The more activity there is with your code, the higher discount you will receive.

• 12 and under eligible to signup
• Parents must do signup for skater
• Add “Sk8Skins GromSquad” on your profile

Your signup information will be kept private and used only for contact direct from Sk8Skins.

Groms that demonstrate “Paying it Forward” to someone else or can prove good grades, honors, skate competition placing, special event participation, or some big accomplishment will be featured on the Sk8Skins Instagram and/or website and receive Sk8Skins recognition letter along with a Sk8Skins product surprise.

We encourage you to establish your own local GromSquad. Pick a name for your Squad and a captain and have your friends sign up for the GromSquad. Have them enter your Squad name when asked on the application so we know they are with you. We will then do a post of your Squad on Instagram and the website. If you submit a picture and/or video of your Squad, especially if you show your Squad Paying It Forward to someone, we will post it on our Instagram page, Sk8Skins website and YouTube channel. The more creative the video is, the more views and likes it will receive.

Watch for more information in the future about Grom activities and comps. In the meantime, do your best to Pay It Forward and let us know.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim at (949) 633-8999 or at [email protected].