Army Info & Signup 2018

CLICK HERE or on the logo to signup.

Welcome to the Sk8Skins Army. By joining, we want to help you keep progressing in your skating while also earning product from Sk8Skins and our partners. The more work you put in the higher rank and more benefits you will receive. It’s up to you.

The Sk8Skins Army Mission Statement is, “Having fun, Paying it Forward by helping others, striving for excellence, and progressing in focus, effort, and tricks.”

We are glad to have you with us. Everyone enters at the rank of Private and will need to do the Boot Camp of requirements to move up to the next rank of Specialist. As a Private and once you complete the required Boot Camp, you will receive a Free Twin Pack of Sk8Skins and the next requirements to complete for the rank of Specialist. You will be able to strive for the following ranks in this order – Specialist, Corporal, Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, and Generals.

Find the Sk8Skins Army Boot Camp - Rank of Private post for details to start your quest for a higher rank.