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Machine Intelligence (Ai) Consulting

As we move into a new age of research, data collection and analysis, game changers are using Ai to increase human productivity in sales, R&D, management, and decision-making. Ai has already started interacting with your data, so how can you make these interactions so intentional that you are able to turn 1-hour of work into 10 minutes or less? Contact us and we will enlighten you with all the accessible and beta technologies emerging to make your work more efficient and effective.

Our Rates

We have already assessed companies of a variety of sizes and depending on the number of staff, the cost decreases dramatically per employee.

Entrepreneur: $500 + HST

SME (up to 10 employees): $500/employee with $50 off each additional employee (i.e. 2 employees = $950, 3 employees = $1400, 4 employees = $1750, etc.)

Companies over 10 employees: call to discuss

Our Service Offering

Your company will be at the leading edge of using Ai technologies to make efficient decisions and sales will reach new heights. Don’t fall behind as everyone else uses these emerging technologies. We will provide access to technologies that use Ai in the following areas:

  1. Email
  2. Mobile Phones (navigation, control, maps, phone, email, etc.)
  3. Decision-making tools
  4. Sales
  5. Web-development
  6. Desktop control
  7. R&D
  8. Many more products available…

About Us

Preferences Incorporated is a company that has evolved since 2010 in providing evidence-based decision making services that has resulted in a return on investment (ROI) of 2600% on average for all of our clients. This has equated in Millions of Dollars in commercialization results because our intelligent clients were willing to learn about the benefits of using data to increase their bottom line.

We provide research methodology support and services, but can also provide a suite of research services as well. As we move into a new age of data collection and analysis, Preferences is on the forefront of Artificial Intelligence research and development. We are open to providing your business with Ai Consulting services to turn 1-hour of productivity into 10-minutes of your time.

Join us as we move into a new age of decision-making and reach out to us to learn more at [email protected].