ABOUT MARTIN BIDNEY - "Dialogue" or "colloquy" is the keynote of my work as a scholar and poet. My twenty published studies of the epiphany patterns of writers will show that while no two writers agree on what's revelatory and unforgettable, each imaginer has contributed something distinctive and irreplaceable to the treasury of human vision. Writing my own poetry, I enter into dialogue with the poets most arousing to my dream-mind. When shaping my commentary-poems to the visionary offerings of Mickiewicz or the Qur'an, Tchernikhovsky or Goethe, I engage in a virtual symposium with them. My lyrical dialogue with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "West-East Divan," itself the pioneering colloquy of Germany's greatest poet and a delightful medieval Persian Sufi pub singer, lets me introduce into the dialogue thoughts about Goethe, Middle Eastern culture, and my own rapidly widening life.

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