MARTIN BIDNEY: Dialogic Poet, Translator, and Critic

“Dialogue” or “colloquy” is the keynote of my work as a scholar and poet.


ABOUT MARTIN BIDNEY - "Dialogue" or "colloquy" is the keynote of my work as a scholar and poet. My twenty published studies of the epiphany patterns of writers will show that while no two writers agree on what's revelatory and unforgettable, each imaginer has contributed something distinctive and irreplaceable to the treasury of human vision. Writing my own poetry, I enter into dialogue with the poets most arousing to my dream-mind. When shaping my commentary-poems to the visionary offerings of Mickiewicz or the Qur'an, Tchernikhovsky or Goethe, I engage in a virtual symposium with them. My lyrical dialogue with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "West-East Divan," itself the pioneering colloquy of Germany's greatest poet and a delightful medieval Persian Sufi pub singer, lets me introduce into the dialogue thoughts about Goethe, Middle Eastern culture, and my own rapidly widening life.

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“Lyrical Tales and Poems of Jewish Life,” by Saul Tchernikhovsky translated from the Russian versions of Vladislav Khodasevich by Martin Bidney –2006 Keshet Press • PREVIEW

In this major sixth book of his dedicated mission to build bridges between East and West literature, the poet Martin Bidney directs our attention to the tenth century Sufi Master, ibn Arabi. God, to Arabi, is the Prime Imaginer, the Supreme Being who created our world, and Man, with His breath, in a sigh of longing; In the extensive introduction, Professor Bidney takes the reader by the hand and gives comprehensive, valuable insight into the mystical, intriguing, and complex dimensions involving both the Deity and the devotee. Professor Bidney then employs his unique poetic skills to illuminate the works of ibn Arabi; he creates a new type of dramatic monologue iambic pentagram sonnet form, elucidating ibn Arabi's wisdom in 99 beautiful parables, as well as adding sensitive new poetic translations of Arabi's "three Mystic Odes.'"
This is a book of Heavenly Love. Included are 27 brilliant, full page calligraphies of the Prophets' names, by Master Calligrapher Shadid Alam, that elevate the theme with exquisite, sinous, dancing lines.

5.0 out of 5 stars A book that will nourish the soul and feed the creative spirit in all of us. October 10, 2018
Format: Paperback
Martin Bidney's "Book of the Floating Refrain: tone-crafted poems with blogatelles" is something to cherish and, as the author states, to read slowly enough to sing. Bidney's 100 poems take the reader on an adventure that begins with a bold statement, a promise to oneself, a leap of faith the poet must take before venturing into the imagination. Through his wonderful introduction and blogatelles that precede each poem, Martin the poet not only explains the inspiration behind his own work but sparks the creative drive, the hidden poet in all of us, so that we can muster the courage to pick up the pen and begin writing poetry ourselves. Bidney is a writer who follows the beat of his own heart, creating music and images with words that reveal not only the mind of a genius but the soul of one still discovering the mysteries, the humor, the pain, the love - the dark winding alleyways and lighted pathways that are life.
I will end with one of the lines from Bidney's generous introduction that I think captures the book best, and is, by the way, now one of my favorite sentences:
"So when a coherent, harmoniously patterned imagery is suddenly reinforced with equally harmonious patterns of assonance, alliteration, and rhyming, suddenly my brain dances in childlike delight at the apparent random chanciness of it all, as if an entire world were newly constituted by serendipity as a guiding principle." (page 24)
The 100 poem journey lies ahead. Hold tight and enjoy!

Kevin Ehrlich

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5. Ye Banks and Braes

7. Cropie's Strathspey and Heiland Donald Kissed Kitty

13. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie